Thursday, April 28, 2011

RV Adventures - Day 2 and 3

After we left San Diego, we headed north up Highway 1 and 5.  Matine entertained herself wonderfully by talking and playing with her animals, singing songs, playing "I Spy" and chatting incesently.   She eventually passes out from all the activity.

Her little farm animals have names and voices.  They are always her favorite thing to play with.  They are kept in a little tin and she carries them around in her shirt and pockets, rocking and holding them like a baby.

We almost drove off the road a million times just gawking at how cute she is sleeping!

Yes, we deliberately headed directly into Los Angeles traffic on a day when President Obama was going to be in town.  If a marriage can survive driving / navigating a 34-foot RV through Los Angeles, it can survive ANYTHING! 

We managed to avoid curbs, too much traffic and divorce and found our way to Suzanne's house.  Suzanne was one of my best friends from highschool in Oklahoma and my college roommate for 2 years at Oklahoma State.   We have seen ALOT together and lived to tell the tales. Now we are still friends, living in completely opposite worlds, and mothers.  We had a LOT of catching up to do.   I was just as excited to meet her son Desmond (who is one month older than Matine) and her new baby girl, Charlotte (just 4 weeks old). 

they hit it off immediately.

We stretched our legs and took a quick walk to a lovely neighborhood park in Encino.. right off Ventura Blvd! 

Darling Desmond! He loves to pucker up and give smooches.  Mattie got a few from him.

Sweet Suzanne - wearing her baby.

We were all getting a bit ripe and Matine sort of liked her bath time with Desmond.  I knocked her over and she hit her head.  Oops.  Mom of the Year again.

Their bath time must have helped with the bonding.  We look over and they are snuggled in a chair holding hands.


The Watsons.
 The morning we left, we took another nice walk to a little restaurant, Waffles and More, for breakfast.  It was glorious to eat outside and not be cold.  There was not enough time for us to catch up on ALL that has gone on since we saw each other last (at our wedding in 2007), but it was a nice start.  Great to see Suzanne, her beautiful family, in sunny California!


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Michal said...

So excited you got to see Suzanne...I think it's been since your wedding that I saw her too. I'm curious about Charolette though...are you sure she's in there? She must be tiny (unlike my boys). Made me laugh.

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