Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Royal Wedding

Yes, I woke up at 3:45 on April 29th to watch the wedding live.  NO, I do not have DVR or TiVo.  Yes, I enjoyed it immensely and Peter and I BOTH continued to watch the replays and clips for the remainder of the day.   What is the fascination?  All I know is that I loved it all.

Our official "Royal Wedding Party" didn't actually happen until Saturday night - and boy - it was jolly.  Our friends are fantastic.  They dressed up, came in character, and even went along with our silly Lord and Lady Royal Name game.  If you want to do your own Royal name, you:

1)  Lord or Lady
2) First name of a grandparent
3) Name of your first pet
4) Name of the Street you grew up on

For example , I was Lady Ellie Maria of Sheridan.   Peter was Lord Idris Brandy of Main. 

So, the flag of Britain Cake, English Sausage Rolls, Prince Williams' favorite Cottage Pie, scones, raspberry champage cocktails, cucumber sandwiches, Pims cookies and salad and canteloupe wrapped in proscuitto.  Delicious.

Here are some of the attendees to the Royal Event!

just like the good ol' days - Brooke, Madeleine and Theresa cackling about something.

Lady Edith and Lord Idris

Lady Edith and her french lover Lord Jerome

Janell and Melynda - surely talking about Princess Katherine's dress.

The Lynns!  Hermes, Emily and Sully

Lord Rogers and his decorative medals (they were old track medals).

Sally, Brooke (in her mother's wedding dress...tight), and Madeleine in her bridesmaids dress and homecoming queen tiara.

Princes Logan and William.  Dreamy.

Madeleine looking beautiful with her royal baby, Sophia.

The Royal Children.

Finn and Anders in their awesome homemade crowns. 

Three generations of royals -  mom was an awesome Queen Mum! 
I have never seen my child more excited.  EVERYONE at the party was dressed up and in dresses, just like she requests every single day!   She loved her friends, the dressing up, the cake!   We might need to do another Royal Wedding party soon.


taylor said...

i watched the wedding as well, and i agree...what is it about royalty??? i'm so mad i didn't do this party for the special event. great pictures!
i'm now going to figure out my "royal" name :)

Carissa said...

This is AWESOME! You guys seriously through some fun themed parties!

Meg Taylor said...

what a fabulous party idea!!!! happy belated birthday!!!!!!!!

lauren and brad said...

THIS IS AWESOME. So much fun.

Can't wait to see you in 3 weeks! :)

Michal said...

Looks like a grand time. So much fun. I just love your parties.

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