Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick or Tweeting

I was not sure last year's Yoda costume could be beat.  I think we were wrong.   There was nothing cuter than our little black bird in her nest, toddling along the sidewalks and saying "trick treat" last night!

Nona made Matine's costume a month or so ago and we have slowly been "assimilating" her to wearing it.  She was initially terrified of the black fuzzy fur on her hoodie, then after some coaxing and reading of more "bird" books, she thought it was fun to be a bird.  Last week she preferred the bird hoodie for her "walking coat."  We knew that would be no problem on the big day.  The "nest" portion of the costume was a different story.  Even the day before it was greeted with screams and running the other direction and a firm "NO!"

We decided to use some good ol' scientific Pavlov's Theory to trick our little trick or treater into wearing a wreath around her waist.  It worked.  She got an M&M when she put on her hoody.  She got an M&M when she put on her boots, then she got an M&M after we put on the wreath.  No issues whatsoever!  Thanks Pavlov and the mice who originally tested this reward theory!  Please stop me if I start using M&M's to get Matine to do other things ....

Ready to practice our "trick treat" ing on the neighbors.

The cutest little bird on the planet, walking across the street to show Richard and Kathy her get-up

Clutching her prized candy pieces.  She thought this was really a great idea.  Go to doors, get candy.
It was on to our first Halloween Party of the night.  Jessie and Casey had some folks over.  The babies showed up and boy were they cute!  Matine was acutally the oldest kid at this party (yes, there's a tear streaming down my face.... slow down!).   She loved little Chloe, Rhea, Addie, and Elias...

It's hard to push a swing with a big nest around your waist.

Megan and Elias The Bear.  He was amazing.

Little Rhea the Pumpkin

This was as good as the staged-picture taking got...
It was then on to Laurie and Mike's house. Abby brought us some lasagna and we pre-partied there before hitting Yellowstone Street.  Libby was a breathtaking Cleopatra, Abby a Pirate, Laurie put her ever-faithful blond disco wig to good use again as a very bright 70's disco thing, Caid was Brett Favre (as a Packer), and Brad was a feather bird (actually a Duck). 

She IS a princess.

Abby can really pull this look off... We think she should wear this more often.

Momma's and their chicks and cubs.

She was on the move and it took her about 1 house to figure out how to follow the other kids and go to the doors.

Running into the O'Connor family on the street.   A horse, Superman, SpiderGirl, and Skunk.  Oh so cute!

"trick treat"  -- she was so sweet to say thank you after too... melt my heart!

Meg and baby Ruby as a pink poodle.

Sully the Lion and Hermes

Bob and Jack the Dog.
My child kept on a wreath around her waist for an entire 3.25 hours.  It didn't rain, sleet, hail or snow.  We had no crying or meltdowns, AND she didn't ask to eat any of the candy.  She preferred to hold it and put it in her basket.   I would call that SUCCESS!

Happy Halloween!


Jacqueline said...


Jo said...

so , so, so adorable! declan was kermit the frog and pretty darn cute too :)

Mark and Megan said...

Way to go Matine for keeping your costume look great in your pictures! Love the "trick treat," that is how it came out for Jack too.

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