Monday, November 2, 2009

Livingston Spooktacular!

Halloween with Matine in a small town was all I had hoped it would be. She was the CUTEST Yoda in all the land. Her Yoda head was an all wool hand knit stocking hat made with love by her Nana Jo ... I then felted it and formed the ears with Elmer's glue and water. Her Nona Kerri sewed her a very fancy "Yoda robe" out of a towel, and I braided some rope for her belt. We layered her up and set out to see all the other cute kids, babies, and those kids at heart who just like and excuse to dress up.

Yoda and her Jim-Pa

Grandpa Jim was supposed to be dressed up like a "70's Pimp" but ended up looking a bit like many of the locals, so we just called him a "Clyde Park Cowboy" (no offense to those who live in Clyde Park, please)

Cloe and Yoda

We ran into friends Emily, Cloe and Deb on Yellowstone Street where ALL of Livingston goes to trick-or-treat.

The Scary Family - I resurrected a stand-by 80's Aspen Extreme Ski Uni-Tard, Jim was a Creepy Local Cowboy, and Mom was "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" (hee hee hee)


Yoda with a Man in Polyester - Jim had to take off his hat at first because she was a bit frightened.

Mike and Laurie had some of us over for a Pre-Walk meet-up. Mike was very popular as the Budweiser Man. Personally, I think the mustache makes the look complete.

Laurie was a super hot and sassy fairy! Only Laurie Cox can pull this off and look HOT!
I scared myself a bit - I looked almost identical to my middle school pictures...
Not much of a costume.

Baby Noor was a pink pony - a very serious one at that.

Little Devon was a Monkey... Monkey See, Monkey Do!

Brad was the cutest Bronc Rider I had ever seen. If only he were a few feet taller - he looked so authentic.

Libby was STUNNING as a "Cat from the Musical Cats" - Abby really outdid herself with her make-up and none of us would have recognized her if she hadn't been with her parents.

And finally, one of Matine's boyfriends - Sully- was a very cute little Chick.

It was a great first Halloween! So fun to see it through the eyes of kids again...


Tina said...

Yoda was just precious. So sweet.

Jacqueline said...

Love the Clyde Park cowboy!! LOL SOO TRUE!
Laurie does look SMOKIN HOT!!
Glad lil Yoda had so much fun!

lauren and brad said...

Oh Brooke! She looks hilarious...and adorable...adorably hilarious? xoxo

Tatum said...

Brooke - she is absolutely precious in that outfit! You rock for thinking of that wonderful costume idea!

Mark and Megan said...

Love, love, love the Yoda costume...kudos, she's a cutie!

Meg Taylor said...

YODA!!! such a great costume - nana jo rocks!

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