Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Day Preparations

As I sit here excited about our first Halloween with a cute baby to dress up and tote around I realize she might blow away. The Livingston Winds (yes they get capital letters because the Wind is its own being here) are at epic speeds right now. Sustained 65 mph or something? In Oklahoma we call it a tornado. Here we apparently call it Halloween.

Matine's costume is ready (you will see pictures tomorrow - here's a hint: "Much to learn, you still have."), my costume is ready, and I think I might have even talked Jim-Pa into being Don Johnson from Miami Vice. I guess I can tether Matine to me somehow in case she is blown from my arms? Glad I am not dressing her like the Balloon Boy. Our GMC Yukon XL (a very large car) is swaying side to side and "hopping" around on the driveway like it's a tricked out pimps ride.

The most exciting thing we did today, besides chasing the garbage cans down the street? Matine, at 24 1/2 weeks old, ate rice cereal for the first time! She was ready and boy did she love it. All that staring at momma constantly eating paid off - she knew just what to do!

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Jacqueline said...

YAY Mattie...Yummy rice cereal!! Had fun today little girl...get lots of treats!

Bibi said...

Ohhh Tinnie!! look at you so cute in all you do!

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