Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pumpkin Patchin'

What is fall in Oklahoma without going to a Pumpkin Patch? And, what is new parenthood without dressing your darling kids up and taking pictures of them with hay and orange pumpkins? I have been looking forward to taking my beautiful baby girl to her first holiday celebrations since she was a mere twinkle in my eye... We found the perfect location in Arcadia, OK and we had the BEST company too. Blog friends united finally and Micca, Matine and I met Lauren, Ben and Des (there blog is awesome if you are not already reading it) for a perfect fall outing.

(Beware: This is a bit photo intensive, but I just couldn't narrow them down!)

Lauren finally meets Matine -- and not through pictures and not just through a BLOG! I get to hold the extra delicious Desmond (2 months)

He is darling and so sweet!

Lauren's little Benjamin (2 years) LOVES babies, is the sweetest spirited little boy and here he is, giving Matine kisses.... I am 'ok' with this arranged marriage if Matine is in to older, Oklahoma men one day.

The Pumpkin Patch we went to also had a petting zoo with all sorts of very friendly creatures. This sheep came running up to us to greet us. Matine and Ben both loved the flea bags. Desmond was sleeping.

A white turkey -- who knew?

This little goat was a hit. It nicely ate from your hand and then would JUMP up on you, begging for more. Matine got a good hold of both horns.

Her chubbiness increased while in Oklahoma.

There was also a very fun corn maze! Don't worry, we didn't get lost.

Ok, these are just cute pics of Mattie John (5 1/2 months) wearing her cute crocheted shirt and red booties from Christina. I love all of these!

Her face is as round as the pumpkins.

Ahhh... Ben is amazing. He was so sweet all day.

Picking out the perfect pumpkins.

Happy baby.

How she literally juggles 2 boys and a super fun life, I don't know! Here she is juggling 3 pumpkins on top of it all!

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lauren and brad said...

Hooray! I'm so happy you were the responsible one with a working camera! The pictures are are you and your little gal. Had so much fun with you and can't wait for the next gathering! xoxo

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