Tuesday, November 3, 2009

You know Peter Is Out of Town When

I totally stole this idea from my friend Melynda, but it was brilliant and it got me thinking...

The dogs get really obnoxious and pout a lot!

There isn't a trail of socks, boots and scarves from the back door to the bedroom.

You don't hear any Judy Garland musicals or Die Hard playing in the background (yes, he enjoys both equally).

There isn't a bowl of Doritos out for me to eat.

I don't have my weekly spending money that I find in the dryer after doing Pete's laundry.

I eat a lot of dog hair because the dogs sleep on my HEAD at night.

We smile and laugh a little bit less.

The neighbors get less sleep because of my YELLING profanities at 3 dogs.
(I am sensing a bit of hostility toward the 4 legged kids... hmmm)

Alas, Pete is HOME for the rest of winter! Hunting season was a success. Now it's time for Pete to get used to waking up AFTER 4am, sleeping inside, and to get reacquainted and have some family time.

1 comment:

Meg Taylor said...

Welcome home PETER!!!

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