Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Warning: another Livingston Saturday Night (with costumes)

I warned you.  This commentary will not be PG.  A night out in Livingston, no matter how "mellow" you are is never PG.  I think this is why we live here.  It's a beautiful blend of small town homeyness (I didn't say wholesomeness) and freak!  God bless the freaks of Livingston.  On Saturday night, I flew my freak flag proudly.

The Livingston Current (our very great local paper) throws a kick-butt Halloween shindig at The Depot.  Free beer, snacks, and The Fossils played.  Need I say more?  Well, you know I WILL say more - much more. 

I have to give ALL credit to my costume to my mother and Jim.  Much to my very organized, always planning ahead mother, I waited until that afternoon to start my costume.  Those of you who know my mother understand that this very act goes against everything in her being and almost sends her to the loony bin.  I try to plan ahead more, but it just isn't in my DNA.  I got the planning gene from my dad .... Mom was a really good sport and went along with the last minute costume, sewing sheets and pillows, even going with me to the Thrift store to buy a baby mattress that Jim would engineer to my body. With only a few frustrated under-breath comments and limited eye rolling - THE BYNUMS (and all their handiness) made me into a Bed Bug for the evening.

Jeff, Chris, Jeannette and Levia came over before we went out... finalizing our last minute costumes and having a few cocktails.  The gals and I were Bed Bugs, Jeff was a Spelling Bee and Chris was a damn fine Flasher.   Matine slept soundly in her bed at Nona and Jim Pa's (thanks again parental units)!

God bless a man that will wear a skirt and panty hose... if only we all had such nice hips!

her little lights lit up ... pretty funny.
 Trying to fashion a pillow to Levia's head with a belt.  Not one of the greatest ideas we have ever had.
the three of us were "Bed Bugs."  Pretty cute idea we thought and we each had our own spin on the concept.
 As a side note, Jeannette looked HOT with her bed hair and crazy make-up... we actually think she should pull off the look more often.  If only she didn't work in the middle of field and wetlands on Wyoming ranches most of the year ....
for those friends that we could actually recognize throughout the night ... they looked great.
the three Bed Bugs.
 Now, I guess we didn't anticipate that people must literally live in HOLES and not EVER watch the news or read a paper.  The pervy, idiot citizens of Livingston thought that I was A WHORE...  Yes, they thought I was just a "woman on a mattress."  Classy eh?  How many women for hire do you know that wear bug antennae?

the costume was a lot of fun - the bathroom was a bit of a challenge and I had my own space on the dance floor!

The Shanafelts looked creepy good. I wish my flash didn't drown out the details of their make-up.

Only in Livingston could a white guy get away with painting his body brown and going as "Venus Williams - Venus with a Penis"

The hostess of the evening, Reilly-  a striking, glittering wonder!

more carnage

this is just the back side of Chad's 100lb costume... he just stood on the dance floor with dry ice smoke flowing from him.
 For all of you fly fishermen(women) out there... Can you guess what Chieko (far right) was?  Hint:  she had blue wings on the back. 
Chieko, the Blue Winged Olive, Paramore as some sort of funny thing, and Jeannetto!
 Anyone who knows Randy knows that he can't arrive in anything tasteful... that would wreck his image.

The Tea Bag - yes you can assume the gross kind.

Barry the Muscles in a dress... quite a sight, I must say.

Candy cigarettes and Chris ...  makes me laugh.

William Wallace didn't assume I was a cheap chick on a mattress!

Ah, my girls... I have missed you! It was so nice to be out!
 So, there's always a few "creepers" around that never reveal who they are under their masks.  Never trust someone in a mask.  This person kept this mask on all night and would just be standing behind you dancing.  As Matine would say "eeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwww."

who are you??????????????

This was a woman .... I think.

And this was a man .... I think.

These guys just looked awesome ... much better than my pictures show. 
We danced, we laughed, we soiled my wearable mattress with beer, we danced some more, and walked home.   It was a good Halloween! 

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lauren and brad said...

i am loving all these halloween posts! looks like a huge successful holiday with the babe AND without! :)

we went to the same pumpkin patch this year that we went to with you and mic last year. made me smile thinking of you and how much our babes have grown! xo

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