Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Does this really come out of my mouth?

Every so oftem I hear myself say something, or observe something in my life that is well .... odd to say the least.

Are there others out there that find themselves regualrly saying or experiencing things like:
  • "Oh yay, did you kill something this week?" (in reference to elk camp, not general killing) 
  • "Don't eat the poop!"  (Matine contemplating eating a large brown turd in the backyard)
  • Finding a pacifier, bottle of elk urine and nails all in the same pocket of Pete's jacket while doing laundry.
  • "How many horses did you do today?"  ("do" as in put shoes on)
  • Me:  "Hey babe, what did you just wash in the sink?  It's all muddy ..."  Peter:  "My chaps.  Oh, and I wouldn't use that sponge again ....."
  • This is our FOURTH set of tires to put on the trailer in 2 months!  (yes, that really happened)
  • "No, it's not that windy ... I think it's only going to blow about 35 mph today."  (we live in Livingston)
  • "Oliver, don't stick your tongue in her mouth!"  (Matine - Oliver ...  Need more explanation?)
  • "No Matine, we have already watched the elk video 3 times today ... We need to wait until later." 
  • While standing in our horse trailer with 2 inches of horse poop and hosing it down, "wow, this is the cleanest I have seen this in a while"  (what ??? what is my reality??????????????)
  • Me: "So, are we 100% booked or do we still have spots left?"   Pete:  "Yes."  (Sure, that clears it up - welcome to my world!)
  • "Did you see that grizzly bear this week?"  
  • "If we cut off the knee, I think it will fit into the cooler."  (while helping a hunter get his dead elk in his coolers for the drive home)
  • "Brutus, quit humping your brother!" (pretty self explanatory, again)
  • Me: "How did the tent get that big tear in it?"  Peter:  "Oh, a bear."
And this was just this week ..... Have an "odd" day everyone!


Jason said...

This could easily become a Twitter feed a la Shit My Dad Says. Maybe there's a book deal and a horrible sitcom in your future!

Anonymous said...

This is your best post to date.

Mel said...

From my mouth:
"Everyone gets to flush their own poop."
"Please don't lasso your brother."

I could create a whole book out of the funny things Anders says.

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