Thursday, November 11, 2010

18-Months and "thriving!"

Well little girl,

You are officially 1.5 years old!  We had your 18 month check up today and Dr. Coleman broke my heart by informing me that you are "not a baby anymore!"  The wails could be heard round the world!  After my crying subsided, we found out that are:
  • 24.9 pounds and do NOT like being stripped down in a hallway and laid on a cold scale with scratchy paper on it.  
  • You are 31 inches tall. 
  • You loved hamming it up with the nurses and doctors 
  • You showed off your "advanced" (Doctor's words not mine) verbal skills by constantly chattering and attempting to repeat every word Dr. Coleman would (try) to say.
  • You were oohed and ahhed over because of your outfit and "pretty face" today.  
  • You looked darling in your polka dot tights, houndstooth shorts, frog wellie boots, and cowl neck sweater.  Cuteness. 
  • We were told to not even try to keep you in a high chair to eat a  meal.  "Let her graze" during the day and offer a nice variety of healthy choices.  
  • "Table manners" don't really need to be pushed too hard until 4 years (says the Doctor).  All I have to say is, "THANK GOD!  I have felt very sub-par as a parent lately with meal times. 
  • You happily grinned to show the good Doctor all 4 (almost 6) of your teeth.  
  • You enjoyed giving and asking for "high fives" from the two nurses that then quickly held you down for your shots.  We could tell you felt very betrayed by their pre-torture friendliness.
  • You only cried as long as it took us to get your clothes back on.  You are SO brave.  Always have been. 
  • The words you say on a regular basis:  puppy, kitty, toast, candy, daddy, mom, momma, baby, Nano (for Nona), animals, truck, eat, teeth, brush, up, all done, water, milk, nanas (banana), apple, chiz (cheese), alk (walk), elk, tv, atch (watch), shhh - sleep, nap, oh wow, wowee, jaclin (jacqueline), amy, cash, josh, micca, Nana, i love you, ook (book), sit down, buuurd (bird), bunny, bugs, fly, fower (flower), hay (as in "horses eat hay"), thank you, peeez (please), welcome, snack, urse (purse), hot tub, bath, bubbles, hat, shooooz (shoes), shirt, pants, socks, booots, sunnies (sunglasses), fish, boat, hurse, Olie Olie Olie (your call for just about every horse you see), rocks, box, beans, hot tea, coffee, cup, more nanneee (not sure what this means but you say it for anything you want more of), nurse, night night, Olver , Gaucho, Gauch, Brutie, Tana (for Montana), Ully (Sully), Isla, tractor, bike ride, bye bye, hhiiiiieeeee (hi), uh oh, tree, ance (dance), usic (music), pay doh (play doh), huuussshhhhh .... I know there are more.
  • Your "look" changes everyday.  I personally see a little of everyone in you.  
  • Your head is so SQUARE ... not sure where this trait comes from, we think the Buell's.  
  • You have your dad's gorgeous skin and his "general look" right now.
  • There are times  you look a lot like your Nona Kerri and your Nana Jo.
  • Your expressions and movements look very Cottongim to me - you are VERY enthusiastic and expressive.   Your serious face and profile can look a whole lot like your Uncle Clark.
  • Your eyes are a light brown, sometimes green (Nana Jo, Uncle Clark, your dad)
  • Your hair color and hair line look just like your dad's at the same age
  • You still take a while to wake up in the morning.  You need about 20 minutes of  "nuggling" before you are ready to go.  You immediately ask for "toast" as soon as you feel like speaking.
  • You love to sing songs, you like your own the best, but will try to pick up what others are singing too. 
  • You dote and coddle your "babies" alot right now.  You spend hours a day swaddling, feeding, diapering and talking to them. 
  • You take them on imaginary outtings and make them dance and play with you.
  • You love to go to your room and crawl up in yoru little picnic table and play with your toys (bugs, blocks and read books)
  • You MUST go outside for a couple hours each day.  You love it outside and you go straight to the door, find your shoes and try to open the door when you are ready.  
  • Brushing your dogs is a favorite pastime these days.  They don't like it quite as much. 
  • You still love watching elk videos and now you like to see other "animals" and are quite entertained with (this morning) mayfly mating, hippos, alligators, and strange cats on YouTube. 
  • You have been carrying around dad's elk bugle the last few days trying to make it make the same sounds as he can do.  You get it out when you watch your elk videos.  Pretty amazing. 
  • You love the library story time and pretty much go CRAZY with excitement when any song is sung or book is read.  You stand up, clap furiously and yell "yyaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy" after EVERY pause in the action.  Hilarious.  
  • You love to look at pictures of people - especially "daddy" and babies. 
  • Yo u love, love love to laugh ... and you love even more to make people laugh
  • You love to "jump" and it seems by the look on your face that you think you are flying at least 10 feet into the air.
  • You like to count things.  I know you can't really count yet, but you will play with tiny objects and as you lay them out say "one, two, three" (but very slowly).  You also ask us to count "1, 2, 3" before you jump. 
  • You would love it if Oliver and Gaucho would let you ride them... you try, but they run away.
  • You still love your walks ... now you prefer to walk yourself and you love to stop and look at everything we pass and collect as many rocks as possible.
  • When you hand us things, you say "here go" and thank you when it's in our hands -- reminding us to always be polite!
  • You still try to hug your friends to death.  When other kids get around you love to make them feel welcome by patting their backs, standing very close, and hugging them. 
  • You "talk" on phones ALL THE TIME. You pace around the house, holding it up to your ear just like mom and dad... You mumble and laugh and carry on full conversations ... it's frightening what a little mimic you are!
Darlin' - we adore you and all your sweetness.  I hope you know what a joy you have made our lives.  There really aren't words (as any parent understands).  Every moment with you is truly a gift, miracle and joy.  Thanks for being so good to us and allowing us to be in your wonderful little world.

xoxox - Momma


Meg Taylor said...

I haert MATINE and your letter to her! best mom ever!!!! are you going to be in Tulsa @ xmas?

Meg Taylor said...

heart not haert

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