Sunday, September 5, 2010

Summer Horsepack Trip, Friends, and a few of the reasons you don't hear from me

Here we go .... More excuses from Brooke.  Where are you?  Why haven't I been able to get you on the phone?  Blog updates ... helloooo!!!!

Well, amidst a steady summer long stream of wonderful family and friends visiting, day jobs, night jobs, and odd jobs... You must check out one of the cooler of the "jobs" that we get to be a part of.  Mid August we had the honor of taking some of our friend- fishing clients on a 3 day horse-pack trip into the Taylor Hilgards.  Yes, shabby life, eh?

I whoosed out and stayed home. I  was supposed to be the "camp tender and cook," but alas, I had to work too, and I couldn't let our first overnight away from Matine be a THREE day overnight, in a place where there was no cell service, and a 10 mile horseback ride and 40 mile ride in a car to civilization.   I couldn't do it.  Call me crazy.  I am not yet that brave.

After weeks of prepping our equipment, menu planning, horse coordination, and a million other details - the trip arrived.  Only a few "minor" horse kicking & bucking incidents ... All had fun and enjoyed the beautiful Montana wilderness!   Our friend and freelance writer, Melynda (you already read her blog, Traveling Mel, right?) went along to enjoy time away from her brood and get some material for a story in some fabulous magazine.

Check out all the GREAT pics and stories HERE on Melynda's Blog.

Thanks Melynda, John, Nancy, Sue and Bill for being such great sports and getting outside with us!

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Mel said...

Thanks for a great trip. Hope the horses behave themselves for the rest of the season!

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