Monday, September 6, 2010

Old friends are the best (and know all your secrets)

Lucky me!  This weekend I got a visit from Keely.  We have known each other since kindergarten.  That's a long time.  Long time.  We have been friends since that first day at Jenks and I have a feeling we always will be.  Oh Keels - the crazy things we have done and seen together.    This gal is fantastic - it takes us about 2 seconds to slip right back into our banter, chatting, laughing and sharing.  I am thankful that Keely lives in Denver now, as opposed to AFRICA where she took her cute self for 2 years.  She is now a short 12-hour (or one long day) drive from Livingston - YAY for getting to see her more often. 

Sadly, this was her first Matine introduction.  Not surprisingly, Matine loved her from the start and they became fast friends.  Since I am an idiot, I had to work the entire weekend and didn't have much time to see Keely, but we managed to pack in as much talking and gossiping as we could into one night and a brunch.   Keels, you are a gem and make my life much more fun and interesting!  Always have. Here's to you and the next 25 years of friendship (minus the hideous bangs / troll doll phase that has defined our friendship for so long)!  I can only hope that Matine has such long and special friendships in her life. 

The following pictures are for you Matine addicts - just some general "coffee house cuteness" for your Tuesday (Labor Day Monday).
her new styling fall ensemble
uh, mom THERE IS A PUPPY OUTSIDE ... Do you see it "PUPPY!!!!!"
Hi, my name is Matine and I look like my father.
Hey there friend - I like you. I think I will rub your back for a bit (seriously, she does this now - she gives back massages)
Rob is showing us a very cool card trick.  As usual, Jim Pa and Nona are not far behind - where there is granddaughter - there you shall find the grandparents (and the were excited to see Keely too).
Look at the serious intensity in watching this trick.  She doesn't even try to touch the cards, just patiently watches and then "fake" laughs and claps when we are all excited at the end.

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