Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mini Me

The Little Miss loves to do whatever you are doing. I mean WHATEVER you are doing. Talk on the phone. She needs a Crackberry too. Brush your teeth. I can do that. Stretch on the floor. I am an expert Yogi! Sing a song. Have you heard the pipes on that kid? Boss the dogs. Well, you can imagine.

It's not suprising that if I want to get some muffins made, I HAVE to set up a "baking station" for Mini-Me or I will just have a little 2 foot tall Pyranha yanking my leg. As with all endeavors in Matine's life - they aren't done right unless there is an enormous mess!

Even with her little Hitler mustache of flour, she's pretty adorable (uh, does anyone still notice the constant presence of Brutus in her little life?)

Sliced zucchini, flour, flax, some cute chubby-baby legs, and a little brown sugar - delicious!

1 comment:

lauren and brad said...

yummy! she is quite the little helper! that recipe sounds to die for!

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