Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Buell's Landed ... Continued

It was a BIG week for the Howells and Buells, illustrated by it taking me 2 weeks to get all the pictures posted (be glad I edited down the 300 plus pics from the week).  Here is a glimpse of the fun and madness that was had by all!

More backyard pool time
I just love this picture - something about baby profiles that are freakin' wonderful!
They battled over boxes and things they could each get into - apparently Brynn won this box battle.
Whooped, paci's and milk cups in hand - I think we lost Brandon.
We went to Nana Jo's house and destroyed her garden.
We got to "ride horses" - supervised by crazy Grandpa Scott!
This water thing is a theme - hot tubs at Nana's house
This one melts my heart - it's that smile.
They sure love each other... Everything is fun for these cousins
A week with mom, dad, cousins and new fun things!  Isn't' Brynn ADORABLE!
"I Love you Cousin... I also love that we are dressed alike in our 'Happiness is all around' shirts.'
Gals day in Yellowstone National Park and the Grizzly Discovery Center in West Yellowstone.  FUN!
Bridget, Brynn and Matine LOVE the Lower Falls in Yellowstone - quite a sight.  We also saw elk, bison, wolves and bears on this glorious Montana day!
A few more walks in the stroller, some paci sharing and they sealed the deal - friends forever!
See you in Wisconsin you Cheese Heads!


Bibi said...

YAY!! It was the best week ever! Those girls are the best, so glad they have each other as "sister" and cousin.

We can't wait to host you here in beautiful Sconnie!
Started work on the basement so we'll have plenty of room!!

Carissa said...

Can I just say that I LOVE your haircut!!! You are one hot momma girl! :)

Suzanne Watson said...

Love it! I miss you. Hope our kiddos can meet one of these days.

Michal said...

Just when I think it's not possible - Matine gets even does she do that!?! I love the picture of your dad, the horses, and the gals. Very cool.

Meg Taylor said...

looks so fun! I really am loving your hair!

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