Sunday, August 29, 2010

Midget Chair Wrestling

The prized "chair" is the only thing really worth fighting for . . . .
A hiney in the face won't even stop it's defense.
"I WILL drag you out of this by the few hairs you have if I have to..."
"I am trying to be gentle, but I might have to resort to the neck."
"Geez, you are really heavy!"
Brynn:  "I will hold my own and just sit still.  Maybe she will stop the attack."
Smooshed... Being smooshed!
"Ok, now I will share... You can sit in my lap... I just couldn't let you have the WHOLE thing to yourself."
"Oh no!  It starts all over again!"
The defense of this chair for this entire week provided us with some great entertainment.  They even had early morning sprints, with bottles in hand, to see who could get to it faster.  Never any tears or real anger, just determined resilience to dominate the chair territory.


BrookeMahan said...

That is hysterical and so precious!!!

Bibi said...

AWWWW!! The new pics are terrific!
Miss you guys already :)

Meg Taylor said...

how did you do the top of your blog?? with all the layered pics!!! thanks again for the plate! you are the best & matine is the cutest!!!!!!

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