Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pat Green -LIVE- on the Yellowstone River

No, that is NOT a typo - THE Pat Green was here. In Montana. Playing his music. LIVE.  Outside.  On the Yellowstone.  Rain and thunderstorms and all, it was just what you would imagine.  Perfection.
After riding out the storms in our cars and consuming a few more free Schmidt beers before going in, Clark and Ritchie were about as happy as two fat kids in a chocolate factory. 

Beautiful, brooding, ominous... We didn't let the storms scare us home!
Shoot, even the parking lot was beautiful and fun.
My two brothers - Burke, my little work buddy-brother, and the Original.
This might be my new favorite picture with three of my favorite people
This is the "Jesus is Coming - be good" shot.

Mattie's first live concert - she was ready to party!
I LOVE Mickey and the Motorcars!  Keep dancing daddy

I had to show you this Mullet.  It was just too good.
Oh Patty.  I heart YOU!
I think we had fun!

1 comment:

Michal said...

You summed it up perfectly - perfection.

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