Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fishing . . . Obsession.

So, my darling LOVES his river time. Even after working all day, everyday on the rivers, we LOVES to get out early in the morning before anyone else is on the river, when the dawn breaks, and there is no noice but the sound of a unsuspecting early eating trout eating his dry flies.

Wofford does a great job of conveniently booking "work" (horse clinics) in the Bozeman area each year and tagging on a few extra days of fishing and enjoying our company. He and Pete did some early morning "dawn patrols" in addition to their regular all day fishing extravaganzas.

FISH ON! As well as Wofford being in town, cousin Ben Lustig (now much closer to us in Idaho) came by and did some fishing with the boys.

Did I mention they love to fish!

I guess I can see why. Nothing greater than a brown trout on a river like the Yellowstone (and other un-named places that will forever be un-named).
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