Thursday, August 19, 2010


It's catch up time!  I feel like this is ALL I have been doing lately - catching up - on laundry, time with friends, time with family, reading to my kid, cleaning, just RUNNING and trying to catch up.  Some of you think life is oh, so laid back and chill here in beautiful Big Sky Country.  Ha, I wish.  As leisurely and fun as things can be, summer for this family is insane!  I really can't describe to you how insane it is.  Those who see us on a regular basis know, laugh and I think shake their heads as we whiz by them in a blur, racing to our next job, appointment, commitment, or obligation. Luckily, we are young, LOVE, love love our friends, have a really good time (most of the time) and are very appreciative and fortunate to have good work that we mostly find rewarding and enjoyable.  So given all that - I will now SHUT UP and show you a bit of what we have been up to - no particular order here... Since I am 20 days behind on some real blogging.

Christina, Jackie and Isla visit - oh so fun, Isla and Matine were fast friends.  I adore my sweet friends, the Thompson Twins.  Hanging with 2 sassy, opinionated, beautiful and smart twins is a MUST in every ones life.  They rock.  And so do their offspring.  Vancouver here we come ... to see you gals in 10 short weeks!  

Pretty Isla with her mommy Jackie 
Oh Isla! You adorable jabbering little girl - you make me laugh so much!
On their visit we went to some friends house for dinner - Matine and James might be the new "it couple."  
James' funny mom Jamie, making Jackie Laugh - of course.  I have known Jamie since GRAD SCHOOL at MSU!  That is 8 years ago now ...What? 
Matine didn't get out of this car for the ENTIRE time we were at dinner.  Uh, if anyone has a Little Tikes car they are getting rid of - pass it on down.  This might be my sanity one day.
Ok, more fun -- MY MOM'S Birthday!   So, Pete had left for Walden, CO with his ma- friends.  Gary showed up, stayed for a day, went with Pete to Colorado, Thompson twins show up, mom had company in town (Jim's sister and niece from Oklahoma), Pete shows back up with Gary and we have the Thompson's, Bynum's, Gary and other misc friends here for a very eclectic birthday celebration for mi mama - VERY fitting to the gal who LOVES a good random dinner party!  You follow?

Table, a la Lisa (friend not pictured) and Jackie ... Very nice ladies!
Birthday gal, Gary (Fish-Dog) from Washington, and Husband.
I was BRILLIANT.  I gave my daughter a bowl of icing to "eat" while I finished up dinner and icing the Birthday cake.  Apparently I was foolish in thinking she would EAT the icing.  No, she decided to use it as a leave in conditioner and SMEAR it ALL on her head!  Yes, just as dinner was about to be served my child had icing all over her head.
So proud of herself that she keeps CLAPPING! 
Oh so pretty (and shiny).
We needed a quick scrub down - I then BRILLIANTLY let her play with my makeup brushes pre-bath.  Yes, now they are sticky with cream cheese icing too.  I am batting a 300 right now folks.  I think I need some sleep.
We also had some nice quiet, down time, drinking wine and visiting.  Christina (the other twin) is holding little baby Sophia here... Her mom, Madeleine came over one night... (not pictured). 

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