Saturday, August 21, 2010

Family Time is Fun Time (again)

If you remember last year when the Wisconsin cousins, Brandon, Bridget and Brynnie visited us, we had a grand ol' time.  It was Matine's dedication weekend and general fun with family.  The babes are just a couple months apart and last year it was so fun to watch them squirm on the floor together.  Well, the Buell's arrive tonight and will be here for a week.  I think the kiddos will be MUCH harder to keep up with this year. 

Bridget, Brandon, and Brynn (on the chest)
Look how tiny they were - this was just last August! My how they grow!
On the list of fun things to do:  mommy massages, park with the girls, Pete and Brandon will be going in to take some loads to elk camp, camping in the Airstream, river time, and I am sure much, much more!

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