Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Family Time is Fun Time

Thank goodness we can honestly say that WE LOVE OUR FAMILY! Otherwise we would be insane (literally). We have had a constant stream of wonderful family visiting for about 1 month now. It has been fantastic! Truly, a real joy spending time and getting to know some really fun people. I FINALLY got to meet (in person) Pete's super fun cousins from Madison, Wisconsin. We have emailed/blogged/talked on the phone for years now, and I can finally say I really met them. And, they were even better than I imagined.

They traveled for 2 days in the car with their 3 week old Brynn Alicyn. She is a DOLL! She and Matine are very much alike - calm, sweet, content little babies that LOVE their naps and sleep. Brynn is already sleeping through the night, so we hardly knew she was here - of course we did our fair share of gawking, cooing and holding her. Matine felt like a giant next to her - it was hard to believe that just 2 months ago Matine was a small, little newborn that could barely hold her head up - oh how they grow!

It was also wonderful to have some extended family in town for her Dedication last week - that was very special to us. Here's a bit of the fun we had while they were here . . .

While the Boys fished we made "baby cupcakes" out of this super cool "Hello Cupcake" book that my aunt Michele bought me. We thought it was appropriate to make babies - seeing that we were surrounded with them . . .

Some ended up looking a bit scary and it was a really hot day when we did this, so we had some melted babies (very scary) but all in all we were pretty tickled with them and got a few good laughs out of them. Marni was here for most of the cupcake prep --- she (being an actual artist) was in charge of making the colored icings. We tried to make sure we had equal opportunity cupcake skin colors - well, we ended up with PURPLE babies, pink babies, and snow white babies... Oh well... I am sure someday skin colors with be that? It was a bit strange eating the heads off of babies.

Fun and LONG day of shopping in hip Bozeman... We ended the day over the hill with beer and chicken wings at The Garage. Matine was pooped...

Marni brought along her new baby, Hoggle... This is the BEST little puppy.

Bridget with her baby love Brynn.

The beautiful Water's sisters - Marni and Loni - oh how we love these gals.

Matine was still tired, so she held tight to Sophie on our entire way home. Dawn, if you are reading this THANK YOU for this toy - it's definitely a favorite!

Whoa, size difference of a 3 week vs 3 month old! I think Hoggle ALMOST had a baby finger for lunch right there.

Bridget, Brandon and Brynn Buell... Buster and Bitsy (the dogs) didn't make the trip. You think they like "B's"? If anyone is interested in monogramming anything for them, it's really really easy.

The baby-daddies carrying their offspring. Notice Matine's feet - Daddy dressed her that day. He LOVES the huge pink, fuzzy cowboy boots (Thanks Madeleine) :)

I download pictures and find about 12 that look like this... Dad having fun with baby glasses and the camera.

I must go now - our dearest Oliver dog refuses to stay in the backyard now... He has his mysterious ways of escaping EVERYDAY and he sits in the front yard guarding the house... Well, we think it's cute, but the mail lady - no so much. So, I must go quiet the barking beast... How in-humane are bark collars, really? Suggestions?

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Jacqueline said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE those cupcakes! I have to chake out that book tomorrow!

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