Friday, August 28, 2009

More Visitors and Elk Camp Time

Another fun week... When you live in a beautiful place like we do, you have to expect everyone you know and love to come in droves to see if Montana's skis really are that big... What is all the fuss?

Our lovely friend Christina's twin Sister Jackie came with her 6 month old beauty Isla for a visit. It was so great to see Jackie again and get to know little Isla... She is a DOLL baby! And, hanging with twins (especially the always funny Thompson twins) is always memorable and hilarious.

I'm shy ... Don't take my picture!

Christina with her little niece Isla Rose

One of OUR favorite people - AUNT MICHELE drove up with mom last week and helped her get moved into the new digs. She was dying to spend some more time with Matine and see what all this hype about Montana, Livingston, etc. is about. I think she got a good idea why we LOVE our home in the West. She will surely be back very soon with Uncle Bob. I think it broke her heart to leave the Little Miss.

I am so thankful that I grew up with such an amazing Aunt. She has always been the most kind, loving and sweet Aunt on the Planet. She is NO different with Matine and it does a heart good. Plus, my mom is pretty darn lucky to have such a great sister... There's nothing like it (so I am told).

Tomorrow mom, Clark, Jim, Pete, Matine and I will "go into the hills" (that means our elk camp) to get things set up, organized, and nice and pretty (I mean burly) for the hunters coming very very soon! We are so excited! Cottongim's and Bynum's on horses! Matine bathing in the waters of Cougar Creek, sleeping under the stars, bears, elk bugling, campfires, hikes, and oh so much more. We can't wait to show off our business to the family. They are going to LOVE it! So, be patient - there won't be a blog for 1 week - but the next posts will be worth the wait! I promise!

You can get an idea of what we are doing by looking at LAST YEARS set up with Micca and Josh. I was PREGNANT with Matine last year at this time--- it will be quite a different experience. If you remember last year, I had some scares and funny experiences in camp last year...

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lauren and brad said...

Was that REALLY a year ago already? Man! Time flies!

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