Saturday, July 17, 2010

Life by the Numbers

Back by popular demand, it's our life, simplified into numbers that (I hope) you can count to.

10 - days until the bro, the Cla, the Cotton gets here for a week long visit.

22 - dollars I spent buying us Livingston Classic PBR Rodeo tickets for while he is here!  That's right - more cute cowboys in Wranglers

10 - Foot Tall and 80 Proof will be playing at the Murray Bar after the Rodeo!  Dancing WILL be had.

62 - weeks Matine has been living, breathing and spicing up our lives!

14.2 - months Matine has been doing the same (if she's getting too old to count in weeks, let me know)

3 - dogs (of our 3) are overdue on their vaccines and I have never licensed them in the City of Livingston

150 - dollars in fines I will be paying if I don't do the above in 14 days :(

90 - degrees it is today - holy hot weather!

6 - weeks until we drop the fishing gig for 2010 and head right into HUNTING SEASON!!! Where did summer go?

10,000 - hits on our website after the Western Extreme show aired again!

3 - of MY outfits I had to change yesterday because I was either barfed on, pooped on, or mudded on.  Thank you daughter.

5 - jumping jacks I did in anticipation to going to see my first "Theater" movie since Mattie was born!

1,000,000  - times my heart pitter-pattered watching "Edward" in the above mentioned Eclipse Movie!

3 - bananas I am defrosting to make some yummy banana bread today

8 - vehicles or snowmobiles or watercrafts that are in our yard, driveway or street right now (that all belong to us).  Embarrassing.

14- days until me, Pete, Clark, his friend "Ritchey," and other L-Town pals will get to see Pat Green LIVE in concert, outside along the Yellowstone River

0 - the number of bucks we have to pay for the bad-ass concert!

2 - the number of teeth Matine still has.  She is getting quite good at gumming her food.

3- the number of actual food items she will eat these days

4:30 - pm was when Happy Hour started at our house yesterday.  It was way too fun.  Need to make that a 7-day a week event.

15 - squeals Matine gave the ducks when we went to feed them yesterday.

0 - edible vegetables that are growing in my pathetic excuse for a garden.

5 - stars is what I give my anticipated walks and hang out time with my husband these days!  I miss him.

22 - pounds is what our chubby little girl is weighing in at these days - nice and round and full of love!

7 - loads of laundry I have already done since Tuesday of last week

4 - times that Mom and JimPa have already watched Matine for an extended period and helped us out

9 - days is all they have been here!

30 - minutes I get to listen to the beautiful sound of my Kitchen Aid mixer mix the pizza dough for tonight's dinner... I LOVE everything about that Mixer.  It is true love.

5 - men that will be at Pete's all boy weekend in Walden, Co in August

15 - minutes it too me to kindly decline going and being the only girl on an all-boys fishing trip in the middle of nowhere (with a baby)!

Well, many more numbers rattling around in this 30 year old brain of mine, but that will do for now!


Jacqueline said...

We are going to the PBR too!!! YAY!

Jo said...

eclipse was my first real theater movie since declan was born too! kind of pathetic huh? ;)

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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