Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ride em' Cowboy!

ALERT THE PRESSES:  I got to go riding - with my sweet husband - and other ADULTS - for an entire 4 hour period!  Thank you mom and Jim for babysitting.  Thank you sweet husband for wanting to spend time with me and making it happen.

Our sweet friends, Brad and Susie - celebrating their anniversary on this lovely day!  

From this land, you can see Livingston, the Crazy Mountains, the Shields River Valley, Paradise Valley, and a whole lot of beautiful right in front of you. 

The wildflowers this year are unbelievable!  Because of our cooler, and wetter spring and summer, everything has stayed very green and very colorful.  Pictures don't even show the details and amount of flora that we could see.

It was HOT - time to take a dip and cool off.  As usual, Oliver jumps with NO hesitation and Gaucho was a bit more hesitant, but willing for sure. 

Self portrait, yes, I was actually there - out - on an outing - with my spouse - and having a great time without my darling baby!

If the scenery isn't enough, every good horseback trip, fly fishing excursion or tour with my cute hubby includes a bit of history too.  Here, Pete is explaining to Susie something about cow breeding and how the old owner of this property died peacefully against that rock ahead.  Never boring folks.

Ah, it is so pretty up there!

The fun had to end sometime... Luckily, the ride back down is just as beautiful as the way up! 

So, the day wasn't over... when we got home, we pulled up to our little home on the hill to find this:

An empty place in the street where our large rubber raft and trailer is SUPPOSED to be. Hmmm...

Peter calmly (too calmly if you ask me) saunters over to the edge of the road-hill and finds our raft.  The crazy Livingston winds carried the sucker down the street and over the hill!  Oh the disaster that COULD have been was all I could think about.

We had to do a little creative "boat retrieval" before the neighbors freaked out. What a funny end to a really glorious day.  That was one of those moments that is like someone pinching my arm.  "Yes, Brooke, your life is too good, but I will bring you back to reality before dinner."


Meggan Carrigg Davidson said...

OH MY!!! WOWSER!!! What a great memory that ended well:)

Mel said...

Looks like a great day! Glad you got out with Peter, friends and beautiful Montana.

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