Friday, July 16, 2010

Dear Middle Child,

It's been a while since I even remotely gave you and the other fur-kids any face time on this lowly blog. I do love you. You are the sweetest fuzzy creature I know. However, did you know that you are completely neurotic? You start sprinting and whining for the water in the creek a full 1/2 mile before we get there now? You have gutted all your poly-filled toys and our yard looks like a winter snow scene. You are too sweet to stand up for yourslef and stand up to your mean brothers who steal your balls. You just step back and let them, then come whining to me to fetch your balls back. I think there might be some double meaning in that last sentence. You will stand and guard a tennis ball for an entire day, forgoiong even food and water. You love to lick Matine's face, toes, hands, body - wherever she might need some clean-up. She kind of likes it. You always listen, cuddle when asked (or not asked) and are just really, really cute. I try to give you some extra love and preferential treatment every once in a while - I hope you appreciate it. I appreciate you.
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