Thursday, July 22, 2010

Baby gets to float (and wear uncomfortable things)

We finally did it - we put our child in a floating device, strapped a large life jacket that squished her cheeks (face and butt) even more than usual, allowed to dogs to come, get wet and smell really bad - and FLOATED THE YELLOWSTONE RIVER.  We picked a nice quick float for our maiden voyage - Carters Bridge to 9th Street Island was a good choice.  Any longer and Matine would have freaked out and I would have drowned Peter.  I was reminded why I don't float or try to have Peter teach me ANYTHING.  Ever.  It's not good for marriage, romance, stress acne, anything.  Pete floats this river everyday of his life, but this fun little outing with his lovely wife and toddler stretched even his amazing skills.

Could anyone be any cuter in a large blue life jacket and ruffles on their butt?
baby wedgie!
before the proverbial storm 
What's that over the edge, Dad?  
I love having my friends on the boat too!  (she walked around the boat, petting each dog the entire time) 
I think you are supposed to "sit" Oliver - that's what they keep telling me.
Do I look relaxed?   I can't see my feet. 
This is her, "really, I am having fun... just keep rowing" face.
Is that a finger he is subtly sending me? No....
We stopped briefly at the "warm spring" part of our float where some warmer water meets the river.  Fun place for a dip.
Oh Gaucho... You are in heaven, aren't you buddy!


Anonymous said...

Fun times! Miss you like crazy!

Mel said...

We are floating the Yellowstone on Sat. A canoe, a drift boat, 4 adults and 4 kids (almost 2, 3.5, 6 and 8). Want to come? What could go wrong?

Suzanne Watson said...

Love the pics. She is too cute!

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