Monday, July 26, 2010

On the road

Meet our new 31ft Airstream Sovereign, born in 1979, adopted by the Howells July 24, 2010!

She's a beauty and we are convinced will provide us with some super fun, retro camping action.  We have already planned our trips to see YOU, go to Baja, all the Coasts, and of course, many of the fabulous locations in beautiful Montana.  This has been a dream of ours for a while... we just never thought it would really happen.  The stars aligned and we got the "deal of the century."  Seriously folks.  All our karma was used up with this steal. 

She's in great condition, has all the original everything, AC, stoves, ovens, refrigerator, a "china cabinet" (they seriously called some storage in it a "china cabinet" in the very amusing, full picture 1979 owners manual).  I think I will have to get some of those pics up here soon.

We have already put in a new mattress in the bedroom and Matine has enjoyed jumping on it.  We haven't left the driveway (yet) and we already love it.

Here are some more pictures of her insides.  We need LOTS of ideas and help fixing her up and decorating her for function and fun.  Ideas are welcome! 

Backing her in to her temporary home in the driveway.  I am certain our neighbors LOVE us even more now.  Just what our 2 car driveway with no garage needed - a 31 foot AIRSTREAM!  

Come on in - original screen door, still in tact and working perfectly!
Here's a shot of the living room where the fold out bed / table will be.  The seller had them, but not in the trailer at the moment.  We will likely be refurbishing / reupholstering the couch - suggestions?  
Can't you see us playing some Uno, Parcheesi and Cribbage on a cool summer night? 
4 burner gas stove and oven - original!
Fridge and Freezer, tons of storage and the Caned "China Cabinet" above.
Looking down our hall to the bedroom, bathroom on left, closets on right.  The framed Ansel Adams prints came with! 
Bathroom with sweet 70's floral walls.
Mattie testing out our cool new bedroom.  We now have a real mattress - we were "staging it" for fun with our Paco pads here.  She LOVES it!   Who said kids need big houses has never seen a kid in an Airstream.
MANY more pictures, tales and updates to come...  Let the ADVENTURES BEGIN!!!!!!!  Wahoo!


Meggan Carrigg Davidson said...


Mel said...

Wow, I an so envious of you guys! We are going to have to come check this out. It's almost as big as my tent ;)
Send some of your karma our way, please!

Anonymous said...

Amazing. I didn't realize that Oklahoma White Trash makes it that far north. You can take the girl out of oklahoma, but you can't take the oklahoma out of the girl. I've got a couple of couches that I will be bringing up on Tuesday to put in the front yard- watch the sunset and whatnot. - Clark

Brooke and Peter said...

clark, you mock, but you aren't cool unless you have an airstream! no white trashness involved. fyi... this is where you are sleeping when you come on wednesday. better be nicer to the airstream.

Rachel Melone said...

I LOVE it!!! How cool! We should plan a sweet camping adventure sometime!! :)

Rachel Melone said...

I LOVE it!!! How cool! We should plan a sweet camping adventure sometime!! :)

Anonymous said...

Brooke and Peter....welcome the the RV world! Susan and I have been RV'n since our kids were little. We will be so excited to see the new home on wheels when we are there in August with the Grahams in our rolling home. Have all your maintenance questions ready as I have had to fix just about everything that can go wrong on a trailer or motor home.


Jacqueline said...

SWEET!!! My dad used to have the EXACT same one.....wish he still had it!

Meg Taylor said...

ok first off- have your mom make some cute curtains! LOVE it!!!

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