Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Horseshoe Hills

We headed to the Horseshoe Hills, north of Bozeman last night to spend some time with Nana Jo and the Lustig cousins.  In the Horseshoe Hills, we appropriately, played a little horseshoes (note:  we are not good and it had nothing to do with the pitcher of margaritas).   We ate some delicious burgers, visited, and just enjoyed the humor and company of our dear family.   If you know the Lustigs, you know there's a sarcastic tone to this (kidding, we really did have a great time with you, Ben). 

 horseshoes with a view ... to say the least

Tiffany and David -- aren't they the cutest couple?

Ben Lustig, hiding his nasty cigarette - I WILL embarrass you until you quit.

 Oh, how did that cute kid get in there? 

Are you ready for your pj's yet?  I know it's still light out, but it IS 9pm! 

Oops, slipped again... Another one of Mattie John? 

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