Sunday, January 10, 2010

Don't Leave Us Alone in a Doctor's Office

It was Doctor visit day! This time dad went along, so we had even more entertainment in that teeny tiny waiting room that we were locked in for 1 entire hour! So, we had fun with the camera - and warning to the next patients: I am pretty sure the blood pressure cuff is filled with drool and that little hammer utensil they bang on your knee - drool too. She did bang on the medical records computer a bit, so someone's charts might be a bit different than they were before . . .

It was Matine's 6-month Check-Up (yes, I am aware that she was nearly 8 months when we actually made it). I wasn't too worried. Most of the questions he asked were no-brainers and led me to believe that the vaccinations are the only reason we really needed to be there.

"Is she rolling over yet?" --- Um, yes, to say the least - she's crawling and pulling herself up to standing and it takes Peter AND myself to keep her on the changing table. I have actually learnd the fine art of diapering a baby while she's on her side, stomach and even standing (she's freakishly strong)! So yes, she is definitely able to roll over.

"Has she started eating any foods yet?" -- Again, yes, she can actually feed herself with a spoon and has loved everything we have given her- including chunky finger foods - would you like to see the video of the baby genius?

Surprisingly enough, Matine is in the 50th percentile for weight (18 lbs) and height (27 inches). She just photographs "heavy" like most women and she stores all her weight in her cheeks, giving the illusion of largeness.

Little did the happy baby in the pictures above know, she was about to get the final round of her basic immunizations. It was so very sad and luckily all we have left is the booster for her Pig Flu shot - next month. Parents sure hate these shots. She had wells of tears pooling in her little eye sockets and still crying when we got home, she did the shutter machine gun cry, nearly choking, until she fell asleep in my arms --- more painful for us? Very likely.

We sure are having fun with this little gal these days - I think this 7-8 month age might be the most fun yet!

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lauren and brad said...

Love that daddy got to go! family time! :)

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