Sunday, January 10, 2010

Don't forget the Fur Kids

I don't mean to neglect the first THREE kids in the Howell house. Brutus, Gaucho and Oliver took us XC skiing up Mill Creek on Saturday. After Oliver pawed and whined at us for the final time Saturday morning, we realized it was TIME - get these furry beasts out of the house for a good long run! With a nice break in our colder weather - no wind, temps in the 40's and a nice coating of beautiful new snow - we loaded up and dressed Matine like she was going to do a solo expedition of Mount Everest.

It was a recipe for some serious dog fun and some good 2-legged people exercise. Matine enjoyed the ski as well. She has been out with us on numerous occasions walking and hiking, but this was her first venture out on skis! She quickly fell asleep on dad's back and when she awoke she enjoyed watching her dogs frolic and roll in snow, sprint back and forth and chase imaginary birds (Brutus).

We skiied for a good two-hours and it was what Pete and I needed to break our inertia of doing nothing.

Brutus, Peter and I are all sore today.


Jo said...

these are the kinds of posts that make me incredibly jealous of where you live and the lifestyle you get to have awesome!

Taylor said...

Hello fellow MT blogger! I stumbled onto your blog quite a while ago, and I've been hooked ever since. After that post about random people cyberstalking you I thought I should say a little something. I love blogging and I can tell you do too. And I'm not a crazy person :) I just love to see who else loves to blog, even better when they are from MT like me...taylor

lauren and brad said...

I need this kind of exercise! Looks exhilarating!

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