Friday, January 8, 2010

Getting Analytical & A Little Creeped Out

So, if you think you can cyber-stalk our family without me knowing... think again!

Did you know that within the last 30 days, approximately 1,900 visitors from 185 different cities from around the GLOBE have read about our silly little life -- just this month?

Yes, 23 different COUNTRIES are represented on a regular basis, including: Argentina, Germany, Norway, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, Italy, India, Pakistan, Georgia, Philippines, Georgia, France, Mexico, Latvia, Malaysia, Dominican Republic, and Brazil - to name a few.

The average time spent on the blog is 1 minute and 11 seconds. Most people visit and then visit again (actually over 201 times)!

33% come directly to the blog from a bookmark they keep on their computer, while 59% are referred to the blog from another site or blog.

Just yesterday there were 109 page views. Did you know most of my readers browse the net using Internet Explorer (version 7.0 to be exact)?

Now, the next question that might be in your mind . . . Am I freaked out? A bit. I don't know anyone from Latvia or the country of Georgia! Why do they care about my family?

I am sure it is innocent curiosity. I sure enjoy reading about life for other people and I'm not a wierdo.

So, the funniest part about analytics is that you can see the random "key words" that people search that lead them to our blog --- this makes for some bust your gut late night reading. Once I can find them again in this darn report, I will post them.

So, all you stalkers out there! Let me know who you are!!!!!! It's much less creepy that way and I can quit considering a security system - they are really expensive!


Anonymous said...

Remember "Why doesn't IKEA sale stuff online."

Jo said...

that is kind of creepy! and i can only say that since i outed myself and am no longer a creepy anonymous stalker :)

Mel said...

It is weird to find out so many people read your blog, isn't it? I posted about that once:

My favorite search result that gets you to my blog is "otter jump. prostitute boat race. and more. Hide Description" What?

BTW, I am a stalker, but since you know who I am in "real life" it's not so scary, is it? Glad you are willing to share with all of us out here in cyber space (and across the tracks).

Ryan and Katie said...

Hi I'm Katie from the country of OKC, OK and I found your blog through knowing Micca and Lauren. I love it and I have you bookmarked but I don't think I've ever commented. There I feel better now!

bethany said...

Ha! I'm bethany. Former OSU roommate of Suz and Carissa. I found your blog through their's and love reading about life in Montana. I promise I am not a psycho stalker=) That totally creeps me out that random people from other countries read your blog because that probably means they read mine also! WEIRD! Thanks for entertaining me with stories about your sweet little family and life out west!

Carissa said...

I am Carissa. Your former roommate. Hopefully that qualifies me to be a reader and not a "stalker." :) Now that is making me want to get "analytical" on my blog. How did you figure all that stuff out? Crazy!

lauren and brad said...

You know I stalk you! :)
Let's hope they all start booking adventures with Peter! :)

Anonymous said...

Bookmarked this. Show one's gratitude you for sharing. Positively value my time.

Anja said...

I don't remember how I got on your site to be honest but it must have been interesting enough for me to bookmark it. I hope you don't mind.

You are a wonderful family. All the best to you for 2010.

Greetings from Germany.


ally said...

i didn't see russia in that list of countries and i stalked you from moscow everyday for 3 years...

SO fun to know whose out there!!!

love you so much!

sincerely stalking you from tulsa now,

Anonymous said...

I'm friends with Jacq and found your blog from hers. I love reading about your adorable baby and the adventures you have.

Stephanie said...

Hi I am Stephanie from OKC and I know Terra after working with her sister Heather. I have a 7 month old too and love reading about other families with their babies and watching them grow. Since Matine and Karsten are so close in age, I have continued to read yours. So that is how I found your blog and why I check back on it every once in awhile. Sorry to have been such a creepy stalker!!!

Anonymous said...

Hmm, I guess I'm a stalker, sort of. I grew up in Tulsa and was/am good friends with Grant Gudgel. Therefore I've hung out with Clark before. I think I met you once when Grant lived in Bozeman & I visited him. Anyway, as a fellow Okie-turned-Montanan (Missoula), I guess I find some solidarity in reading your blog.

Neptune Beach Orums said...

I follow your blog cause Peter is so damn sexy. Can you cash in on all this fame? Run ads or something.

Weather said...

I openly follow your blog so I don't feel so bad -- I love seeing the search options that show up too!! They make me laugh (be careful how you label your pictures!)

Alicia said...

Wow - small world. Alicia Mims from Central Church of the Nazarene - Tricia Maxeiner's cousin.
Umm...I'm having twins, my best friend sent me a link to one of your friends blog who also is having twins. I was just looking at her friends and this one caught my eye b/c of the ADORABLE little girl. As I scrolled down the page I saw your cute (looks the exact same) face. 'Is that Brooke,' I asked myself....continued reading on and sure enough - it's you!
Anyway - I am now a fan and will save this in my favorites as well.
Looks like life is treat'n you well, daughter is precious beyond words.
Again - WOW, small world!!!!

sarah said...

Meg's friend. Love your blog. Your writing is fabulous and I'm captivated. I secretly wish I had your life out on a ranch in beautiful Montana....maybe one day!

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