Sunday, November 22, 2009

Scottongim and Nana Time

Matine has had a big week -- first, her Nana Jo came to spend the night on Thursday. Her Grandpa Scott is in town and he LOVES to have fun and go out when he is in Livingston. Nana Jo came so Peter and I could join Dad and go out and be "semi-real adults" for an evening. Plus, Matine was due some alone time with Joellyn. We hit The Murray Bar and had a few beers and watched the tail end of the OK State v Colorado game.

Dad happy in his "home away from home" - Shocker - !!! He immediately made friends with a young local at the bar.

Pete and I out at The Murray since the first time since... well, since before I was pregnant??? Yikes!

Ah, Nana Jo -- I think you are so fun and pretty!

Other things we have done this week? We cooked some good dinners, sauna'd, hot tubbed, went out to eat. Matine, Dad and I even went sight seeing in Yellowstone National Park for a day.

Matine thoroughly enjoyed her drive in the Park --- as you can imagine, her view of things was a bit different than ours --- but she had a great time all the same.

We did our usual weekend routine of going to Chadz on Saturday morning to visit all the friends, had a play date with Sully and the boys did some home improvement projects.

This weekend was Jim Pa and Nona's 8th Wedding Anniversary.
Boy are we glad they found each other... Here's to MANY more years of wedded bliss.

Baby William and Matine -- chillin' at the Coffee Shop

And we generally just had a great time with ALL THE GRANDPARENTS this week -- Matine is one lucky baby to have so many people to love on her. Her grandpa Scott is SILLY about her. We are now resting up so we can be ready for our big Thanksgiving celebrations!

check out the ROLLS on that stomach!


Meg Taylor said...

LOVE that you are surrounded by family!!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the bib and the rolls!

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