Monday, November 23, 2009

Woodstock -- the Cabinets not the Event

I know I brag and talk about my family a lot. They are terrific. I hit the jackpot when I was born the daughter of Scott and Kerri. I then won the Powerball when I got my brother Clark. They say you can't win the lottery twice, but I sure did when I then married into the Howell family. Geez, I really should share the wealth, but SORRY, they are all mine and I won't give them up.

I am ECSTATIC to spend all my time with these people. So, when I talk about them all the time and tell people about what they do --- it's nice to occasionally be able to SHOW what they do.

My dad and brother, together, run the most amazing custom cabinet and woodworking business in Oklahoma - maybe the region - heck, maybe the WORLD! Somehow these 2 balls of never-ending energy sell, design and build some breathtaking woodwork.

You can check out HERE a photo album of some of their recent work in Oklahoma. For you Okies out there... Give Woodstock Cabinet Co. a call when you need new cabinet doors, a remodel or are building your dream home. I can promise you some dependable Characters to do the job!

I am so proud!


Growing up Gwyneth said...

How about a plug for the Arkansas folks..... Timber Mill Wood Products... :-)
Love ya!

Anonymous said...

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Bibi said...

beautiful :)

Bibi said...

beautiful :)

Meg Taylor said...

i hear your mom has been cranking out dog beds, my mom and I are so jealous that over thanksgiving in tulsa, we are going to try our hand at a dog bed!!!!

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