Friday, November 20, 2009

It Has Been One Year

Since we lost a dad, a husband, a friend, a confidant, a grandad . . . and a really great guy.

John, we miss you, each and every day. We know you rejoice and smile at the daily life of your kids and wife and friends. We know you gently help guide our steps and help us keep our sense of humor about life. Thank you for showing us how to live life with open arms to everyone and everything. We see you each and every day in our little girl, in Cash, in Pete and Amy... and of course, in every perfectly cooked steak or cold martini.

Today, like everyday, we remember you with a few tears and a whole lot of joy...

All our love,

Your Family

Always Remember

Always remember the gone summer songs,
Constantly consider the days that were sweet
Into the instances of every young
That courses has drift on after life's treat
Flowers in the garden of shadows and light
Bringing you colors of everything
Moments of days and hours of the dim night
What you in your heart strings always shall sing

Always remember the moments of worth
They come very tenderly on their own
Trying to find you in your misty round ways
Seeds of left longings in roots of new birth
Everything coming not clearly shown
When hours so spotlessly in memory plays

By Peter S. Quinn, from the song, Always Remember


Anonymous said...

Thinking of you guys today. Please give Pete big hug from us. Love you.

Meggan Carrigg Davidson said...

Yes - thinking of you so much.

kerri said...

a beautiful tribute . . .

Brooke and Peter said...

thank you love that was perfect.

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