Thursday, November 19, 2009

Family Fun in Dillon - In a Nutshell (no pun intended)

  • We spent 3 days in Dillon with Amy, Eric and Cash last week.
  • We had a great time.
  • The cousins were curious and very sweet with each other.
  • It snowed - the first big storm of the winter!
  • Eric and Amy seem very happy and settled in their new home - this makes us happy!
  • Cash is hilarious as a little walker.
  • Matine thought he was very, very fun!
  • Pete enjoyed playing Martha Stewart and cooking us fancy meals each night.
  • Eric prefers simple meat and potato dishes we found out.
  • We hit the big Patagonia Veteran's Day sale and got some winter coats.
  • We watched the Gilmore Girls each day (sometimes twice) because Amy is addicted to Lorelei and Rory - she even dreams about the characters.


Rachel Melone said...

Glad you had a great time! Seriously can't believe how cute your little one is! Is it me, or does your nephew look a lot like Pete??

lauren and brad said...


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