Monday, August 17, 2009

Cowboy Clark

Clark and his friend Eric were here for an entire week. We tried to pack in as much fun as possible, and as usual as many "Montana Experiences" for the city boy Clark.

Clark always gets a kick out of visiting the Titeca's place on the Boulder River. Last year, if you remember We Attacked the Sheep, Part 4 of Clarks Vacation was hilarious and what legends and tall tales are made of, so when Pete was asked by John and Clara to come help them "move cattle" this week, Clark and Eric jumped at the opportunity.

Peter went and got a few of our Fjord Horses so they could get some saddle time and Clark, Jim and Eric could experience a good "green ride" (this is what we told him anyways). Clark got to ride Attie one of our newer horses and one that hasn't been ridden all that much, especially out in the open. She is great on a trail behind her other Fjord buddies and as sweet as horses come, but we weren't real sure how good she was going to be with a lone rider and reins on her. Well, we found out...

Clark affectionately calls Attie a "*%$#@ bitch" and many other affectionate terms. He lost his favorite hat, got run into trees, almost a barbed wire fence, and got a black/bloody eye. It was a good day.

Overlooking the Boulder River Valley

The boys on the trail, in search of cows to wrangle

Eric about to mount the faithful Stumpy

Attie the vicious scary beast.

Clark swears he will prove his dominance of the horse and "conquer" her next time he visits and asked us, "if Attie is a green horse, what other color horses do you have?"

We always like to give our guests some excitement and fond memories to take home. If only I hadn't contracted the Swine Flu, I would have loved to witness this momentous day. Clark will thank us later for the cool black eye... It made him look really tough.


Lee Holladay Vernon said...

Did you really get swine flu???

Michal said...

Just played some major catch up on your blog. Matine is growing! So precious!! And the bit about Clark and his trusty steed cracked me up. Miss you, friend.

Meg Taylor said...

poor clark!!! are you feeling better?

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