Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Swim Lessons

Since the arrival of "the kid," Peter and I realized that we really needed another camera. We are both a bit trigger happy with the contraptions (if you haven't noticed yet) and it just wasn't worth the therapist bill to deal with the negotiations over who gets the camera each day. Peter needs one to take pictures of all his clients, fish and such. You never know when you or your client might catch the state record brown trout!

I of course have to have a camera at all times to record and document every waking move, darling outfit and facial expression of our ever changing new hobby - Matine.

So, we shopped around and found a terrific deal on a camera that has some very cool features (at least good ones for this crazy family). They include: being able to be dropped at 5 feet, shock proof, and the ability to go completely under water.

We tested it out last weekend when Amy was in town again with Cash. Cash really likes the hot tub and even likes going under water now! Pete took it to the Missouri this weekend with some of our favorite of his clients, Annie and Charles, and then we let Matine test it out for us too. I am sure I will drop it soon to make sure that "shock proof feature" really is all they say it is.

Pretty rainbow trout on the Missouri River

Cash, after his swim (I think he looks a bit like Hugh Hefner here with the robe)

Cash - 9 months old - thank goodness he doesn't swim like his dad (poor Eric gets hounded by us a bit b/c he can't swim... what do you expect of a guy who grew up on a sheep farm in Minnesota?)!

Little Matine got in the hot tub on her 5 week old birthday! I was totally freaked out about putting her in water so soon. You know, ANYTHING could have happened - a freak short in the electical system, shocking all in the tub; dropping a slippery wet baby, rendering her unconscious; her skin reacting to the water and leaving her with a scarring rash for her prom; or maybe just simply overheating and being sweaty and hot all day long, leaving her with a bad feel for water and never being able to get her in a bathtub again -- then we'd have "that smelly kid" in class for our entire lives.

Alas, I called the Doc and he said cooler tubs, 100 degrees or less are great for them - no problem and she'd probably like it - just don't leave her in too long. The Doc was right again, she loved it! Happy as a clam for her entire 5 minute soak at Nana Jo's house. I think Dad was the most excited about the new adventure.

Matine the fish.

Check out her cute swimmy trunks - another wonderful hand-me-down from our friends.

Cool underwater camera!

That is one cute kid, I must say - and the baby is cute too.


Bibi said...

Mr. Cash sure has that round Buell face - what a cutie he is! And Matine, nice work with the swimmies!

Meg Taylor said...

already on the swim team - impressive!!!

Meg Taylor said...

ps - that camera is WAY COOL!

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