Thursday, June 11, 2009

Big Changes

It's amazing how such a small person can change SO much in a matter of days. Today Matine-y-Weeney decided she was strong enough to start really holding her head up - for real - and check the world out with great intensity.

Dad time - Pete went down to Yellowstone National Park yesterday for some orientation about backcountry / horsepack trips. He has a new gig as a back-up outfitter for trips into the Park for a local guest ranch here in Paradise Valley. He only has a few empty days this summer, but he is hoping to fill them with some fun Yellowstone horsepack / fishing trips! He was telling Matine all about it here.

I LOVE this picture. When she gets hungry and starts rooting around - Pete puts his nose near her mouth and she latches on like a fish!

Does anyone else think she looks like a little Pink Jedi here?

Yum... Baby toes!


Melynda said...

Wow, she's really looking more like a baby and less like an infant. It goes fast, doesn't it?

Hope you guys are well and having a lot of fun. Let me know if you need any help when Pete is gone this summer. I'd love to bring you dinner again!

Growing up Gwyneth said...

I CAN NOT WAIT for the 4th!!!!!!! I have got to get my hands on her! Gwyneth is so excited about seeing "Aunt Brooke and Baby Matine Howell" She calls her by her full name since we were always saying baby Howell and then started saying Matine. She just says Baby Matine Howell.

lauren and brad said...

Oh my goodness! She really is holding up her head! What an advanced little girl you have there brooke! Must be all that Aunt Micca rubbin' off? Or just needing to get a good look at her pretty mama and daddy? She is just so cute!

Monica said...

OMG! I LOVE the pic of Matine-y-weenie suckin' Pete's nose! (love the nickname too! so cute!)

Weather said...

She is sooooooooooooooo cute.

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