Friday, June 12, 2009

Baby Party - Oh how life has changed

Last year at this time we were enjoying our late 20's early 30's with backyard BBQ's that started at 9pm, lasting well into the next day. There was an occasional child here or there, but the "kids" were of the "furry variety" for most of us.

These are 3 of Matine's future boyfriends... She has wonderful prom date options!

Boy have times changed! It was a baby party this last weekend! Four new mama's hanging out, trying our darndest to NOT talk about babies the entire time, and showing off the cuteness of our new little friends.

The boys hung out around the grill while we sat in the living room, breastfeeding.


ally said...

i love it!!!! what a life! here's to new life and rolling with all that brings!

Bibi said...

hehehe - all of our local new parents have had boys too and keep referring to Brynn as a future girlfriend - we're not raising a tramp here!

lauren and brad said...

Sounds like my kinda party! :)

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