Friday, May 8, 2009

What are we doing?

Well, funny you should ask! What do you do when you are 40 weeks plus 4 days, have family in town, and finally decided to quit working and "wait for baby."

You take sassy pregnant pictures.

You visit with your friends and learn the fine art of drinking beer WHILE nursing! Go Madeleine!

You watch your husband start and fly through a "small backyard project." Your job is to stay out of the way, consult on minor aesthetic questions like "can I cut down this tree to build a deck around it?" and jump quick when you hear, "we need more beer!"

Here is the sauna/toolshed/baby's playhouse framed and starting to have sides. (yes, Pete has called it all those things... not sure what he had in mind when he started building)

Today, should the weather hold out, the deck will go on around the structure!

In pregnancy news, we did have a Dr. appt on Wednesday and it was all good news! My cervix is "very soft" and her head is "very low." I have dropped alot since last week and he said at the appointment that "I will have this baby this week!" Now, that could mean by Friday (today), end of Sunday, or a 7-calendar day week (by next Thursday) - we have no idea! Regardless, we are anxious and excited. I can definitely feel things "moving" and changing nearly every minute of the day.


Lee Holladay Vernon said...

You look incredibly sassy! Breast feeding WHILE drinking beer. I can't wait!

Meggan Carrigg Davidson said...

HE!! so excited!!!

Meggan Carrigg Davidson said...

NKOTB text message hilarious!!! Thanks for thinking of me!! I bet they were amazing: ) Oh my - they are too much!

Meg Taylor said...

I was lunching with my mom and friends this afternoon and my mom brought up her friend Kerri and Her friend Kerri's daughter, Brooke, and all my friends SHOUTED OUT - OMG!!! oh we know her, we read her blog religiously, she is 4 days overdue - can you believe it?, we can't wait to find out the name and when the big day will be...blah was funny because I had no idea they went to your blog! so cute.

Meg Taylor said...

I guess I live in the city and am not too handy, but I am SUPER IMPRESSED with you guys for building what looks fancier than my apt!!!

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