Friday, May 8, 2009

The room is ready . . . .

This picture is just because I think my husband is a HOTTIE and thought I would share how cute I think he was this morning. These are his favorite pants . . . No matter how many holes they acquire, I can't see him giving them up anytime soon!

Ok, so we keep "tweaking" the room and it's hard for me to walk past it anymore without going in it, moving something around, cleaning something up, or just admiring how CUTE everything is. I could spend days just looking at this kid's clothes!

This is a very large basket full of JUST SHOES that have been purchased or passed down to her! Some she won't even be able to wear for another 2 years . . . They are all so adorable!

This is the newest bed to grace our house. The Amby Bed. Given to us by my cousin Shannon, along with 70 cloth all-in-one Bum Genius diapers! She swears by this thing and says her child was sleeping through the night at 2 weeks or something crazy like that. It is supposed to mimic the movements of the womb and be very soothing for baby. It is also super portable and can be moved room to room or taken with you when you travel - that way baby always is "at home" with her sleeping - a point I do understand.

In addition to the Amby bed, we have her crib (thanks Cox family), a family heirloom cradle (thanks Howell family), and a Moses Basket (thanks Aunt Michele and mom). This kid has 4 different bed options! Which one will she like best?

Latest changes to the nursery - red bed skirt, some minor rearranging to give it a "roomier" feel, and some general organization. Also, the very basic (which I love) roman shades are now hung and keep the room nice and dark when we need it. This little girl will be able to open up her shades and check out her dad in the backyard, building her things!

Also added: my favorite pictures that are finally framed and hanging on the wall. These little pieces of art from Swedish artist, Camilla Engman, were really what started me down the path the nursery decorating took. I LOVE them.

This would be her closet... Just a FRACTION of all the clothes that we actually have. I have multiple boxes stored for things past 6 months of age. This kid is going to be well dressed!


Jacqueline said...

So excited for baby Howell!! Hope she comes tomorrow! ;)

Terra said...

You are going to LOVE the amby bed. My friend loaned me one to use for Kynlee and she slept like a champ in it. I had to take it down earlier than anticipated however when I saw Kylan in it with her. So it isn't toddler proof....but babies love it!! Now come on out baby girl....looks like you have everything and more that you will need!

Meg Taylor said...

The nursery looks perfect! I'm so excited for you and peter & your families!!!

tim, ally and silas said...

praying for you and can't wait to hear! you all ARE ready! wow! love you ~

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