Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Spring Project 2009 - The Hot Steam Sauna

Men do things differently than women. I know it took me saying that just now on this little blog for everyone reading this to realize that.

As a woman, waiting for baby, my mom and I patiently keep my brain and energy directed towards cleaning pantries, rearranging furniture, planting flowers, cleaning the baby clothes . . . nesting.

Peter, the man in my life, waits for baby and keeps his mind busy by starting the construction of a massive hot steam sauna in the back yard, 1 day AFTER our baby is due. This is no small project, like hanging some pictures or fixing a railing. It is the construction of a major structure! It will be built up off the ground with a large deck surrounding it, walls, roof, insulation.

He was smart to use the family visitors as slave labor. Here he is with my two dads - Jim and Scott. If you could only imagine the dynamics of this trio . . . I love these 3 men more than any others in the entire world! If only Clark were here to complete this picture!

The base boards/beams for the floor going in - with Jim being a perfectionist with squaring things up and perfectly planned work, Pete being a good ol' hard hand and Scotty "directing" the project . . . things move quickly.

They ran into my old neighbor and friend Tom at the hardware store. Somehow Tom ended up over here and things really got cooking!

Above, is the barn raising of the 10 foot side of the sauna.

Here is the fearsome four . . . So proud. Let me remind you that this has all been accomplished in a day and a half!

This was the final product for the night. The sauna will nicely block the ugly view of the neighbor's house and give our backyard some privacy again. It will be a place for us to steam away our worries, relax with friends and as Pete points out a
"great playhouse for our little girl . . ." 5 years from now!

No one can tell me that men don't have their own "nesting" tendencies 2 days after a baby is due!


tim, ally and silas said...

so funny! laughing out loud! {and making mental plans to come have a soak}...

nesting by any other name.... :o)

can't wait to see baby girl!!!!!!

Jacqueline said...

WOW...that corner looks nothing like it did a day ago!!!!! At least they are fast workers!

Molly said...

I am cracking up! That is hilarious and HUGE! He's one determined guy!

Meggan Carrigg Davidson said...

this is awesome!

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