Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Dear Baby,

40 weeks!

It is 3:30 in the morning. I can't sleep. Not for the reason you would think, I am quite comfortable and still moving around as if I were just pregnant. While we are now at 40 weeks + 1 day I am just AWAKE- oh so anxious to meet you!

Other things keeping me awake this night . . . I just had a dream that that I was walking up and down the isles at our local grocery store, shopping for rice cereal (which you won't eat for 6 months) and dog food. I finally got to Isle 11 and delivered you... Does that mean something? Isle 11? I know your uncle Ron would LOVE for you to be born on May 11 - his birthday. With baited breath we wondered if you would have come yesterday, May 4th, your "due date" and your late grandpa John's birthday. He and your Uncle Ron had an ongoing best friend contest going to see if you would be born on John or Ron's birthday. Ron and Linda were even here to be with Pete and Joellyn on John's birthday, and of course with the hopeful off-chance you might be here already and they could meet you! Alas, May 4 came and went - does that mean May 11? Who knows. Everyone's guess is as good as ours.

And let me tell you - EVERYONE has a guess or an opinion as to when you will or will not make your debut!

Starting at week 37 . . . "Oh, I delivered 2 weeks early and it was PERFECT!" "Baby girls are so cooperative - I am sure she will be here soon."

I thought, maybe on April 29? Mine and Libby's birthday? Great day, 2 fun gals to share your day with?

Last week I was convinced you would come while your dad was guiding on the Madison River - 1.5 hour away with no cell service. We had a "plan" as to how we were going to let him know to get off the river... It involved "Bob" the shuttle driver with Hook, Line and Sinker shuttles driving up and down the river honking . . . . (only in Montana if you are married to a fishing guide is this even a conversation)!

Maybe May 1st the day before all the family and friends arrived, maybe you wanted to have a nice quiet entrance with just your mom and dad around? A shy and no frills kind of kid?

I see, you were waiting for your Nona Kerri, Papa Jim, and Grandpa Scott - they are all here now, helping us do little projects around the house, organizing our pantries, decorating your room . . . waiting . . .

Ok, May 1 comes and goes... Your dad planned a little b-day party on May 3 for me... I can picture my water breaking in a very dramatic Hollywood fashion AT THE PARTY with all the family and friends here . . . A drama queen baby?

May 3 comes and goes . . . Definitely, it's written in the stars and your Grandpa John will make SURE you are born on HIS birthday, just to prove to Uncle Ron and all of us something . . . No, something else must be written in those stars . . .

May 4 came and went . . . So, we continue to patiently wait for you. We walk, we eat spicy food, we are moving constantly. . . We THANK YOU for being so good. I am still not uncomfortable. We went to Libby's fifth birthday party on Sunday . . . All I could do was picture what your birthday parties might look like. What little sun dress or boots you might pick out to wear on your special day.

We laugh together as mothers and women tell us "no way will you be delivering that baby any time soon!" " You have to drop first!" " Are you sure you are even 40 weeks pregnant?" "This is the day! I feel it in my bones!," " You look way too happy to be delivering here anytime within 2 weeks." "She will come on the full moon - May 8th - ALL babies come on full moons!" "Have you been driving on bumpy roads? You MUST do that . . . Works every time." "Walk, walk, walk!"

Oh, the list and voices go on!

So, I think I will go back to sleep and see what other dreams I have of you.


Jacqueline said...

I am betting on May 9th...she can share her day with G. He is a good sharer of his day.. ;)

Bibi said...

Well, I was hoping for the 4th as well . . .The 11th sounds likely, but we're delighted to hear of her arrival whenever she comes!

Lee Holladay Vernon said...

Oh gosh! I just love your letters to your baby. They seriously make me weepy! How about Mother's Day?

Anonymous said...

So sweet and cute. Your daughter will love reading all these someday.
You're going to KILL me, but I'm throwing May 18th out there. Just because it's our wedding anniversary. That makes sense...right?

Growing up Gwyneth said...

Brooke- I am so happy that you are still enjoying every minute of the pregnancy!! That is truly a gift from your little girl to her momma!!
I am here waiting on pins and needles to get my call from someone in that family. I love you all and am so excited for you!
People have started making fun of me because I am constantly checking my BB for updates from you to let us all know you are in labor :-)
Love you and cant wait!!!!!

Janie Taylor said...

If dreams come true...which they do...I'd go grocery shopping everyday this week! The dream could also mean your "nesting" instincts are in full fledge and that you need to stock up on dog food and minute rice? Good Luck Brooke...and could you pick me up some bread while you're at the store?

Meg Taylor said...

great blog - nice thought process!!!

Molly said...

I love this! What a precious way for her to know when she's older how many people were waiting for her.

And Brooke...you look INCREDIBLE! I am simply amazed and excited for you that you look that cute AND you feel that good. So many girls look cute but feel awful or the other way around! What a huge blessing!

Can't wait!

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