Friday, February 27, 2009

Crazy Woman Cleans

Ok, death threats can stop now... the 30 week belly pics are finally up... See post below.

Todaaayyyy..... I was a mad woman. I slaved and cleaned and purged and organized our downstairs office. This room used to be a super cute bedroom, then I decided to move the office downstairs and have a guest room upstairs, so out went the bed and in came the "office stuff" (which never got organized correctly). Now that upstairs guest room is the baby's room and we are down to one guest room downstairs and the office / gear room downstairs. All this re-arranging resulted in a very scary room - ugly, dark, full or paper, junk, broken fly rods, skis, hunting boots, maps, light bulbs . . . You name it - it was packed in there. It became the hole where anything that didn't need to be put away immediately went It nearly drove me mad - literally.
So, today I had an entire day to myself and I attacked and conquered. It still isn't quite as cute as it was as a guest room, but we don't need another guest room and we DO need an office . . . Still a work in progress, but those who had seen it will attest IT IS A HUGE IMPROVEMENT!

Mom would be so proud - I have all my drawers and bins and file cabinets labeled with labels and every possible grouping of items was carefully put into it's own container or drawer. I am still not sure how I found room for all the stuff, but I now know and have a place for every ski boot, fly rod, tax file and eraser in our home! Now to just keep it that way . . . .

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