Monday, July 9, 2012

4th of July

The 4th of July is a week long event in Livingston.  Our little town of 7,000 doubles (literally) for a 5 day period and you actually have to wait in traffic at one of our 4 lights in town.  Whoa.

Parades, the largest Rodeo in Montana, Farmers Market, Art Fairs, and someone you know is having a BBQ on any given afternoon and evening.

We did it all this year (as usual).

Here is a little more of our fun from the 2012 festivities.

Sunday afternoon "Slack" rodeo - the blue snow cone was almost my demise!

The little guy stayed shaded and slept through most of it.

Parade day!  We parked ourselves with my homeboys at the Senior Center!  I just had to throw in a cute baby toes picture... I can't help myself.

Our friends with Timber Trails - the bike shop and outdoor store - riding bikes.  Next year hopefully Mattie will be good enough on her bike to ride with her pals!

The scene!  Front row seats and a great crowd to cheer with!

Mattie had assistance from John to help dive and dart for candy.  She took this very seriously and luckily doesn't' have too much of a sweet tooth - I was able to hide the bag and it mysteriously disappeared before she ate to much of it.  It was a bigger loot than Halloween!

I liked American Banks float the best...

Our visitors, Theresa and Monica - their kids came all the way from Arkansas and were able to find a place in the Parade with the Community Closet float!

After Jim Pa drove a truck in the Parade for the Community Closet, the cowboy joined us for the last of it.  He's so great.

Post parade the kids relaxed with some darts, tree climbing and running in the yard.  They had to take a break to entertain the charming August, but of course.

After some pretty big naps, later that night we al went to the Rodeo.  Mattie, learning to be patriotic and sing the National Anthem - she loved it ALL - the riding, the cowgirls, the horses, the baby cows, the fireworks.  It was a lot to take in but she soaked it up, just as she has always done!

I sure love this little slice of heaven in America!

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Taylor said...

fun pictures, as always. love the last one. so cute with her hand on her heart. :)

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