Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sully Turns 3

We have been so lucky to have a special friendship with Sully since he was in his momma's belly and Mattie was in mine.  We have literally watched these kids grow up together from the very beginnings!

Sully recently celebrated his THIRD birthday at Chico - soaking, swimming, friends, pizza, pinatas, and cupcakes... Oh my!

Birthday Boy 

So anxious to sing and eat the candy on top of the healthy carrot muffins!  

Lucas and Matine waiting patiently! 

Such happy smiles and cute kids. 

We love Chico!  AND, banging on a piñata.  

You can recap birthday two here,  our first 5K walk/race together with the new borns when they were only 20 days old, our first Fathers Day camping trip when the babes were 6 weeks old, Emily and I's first real "trip to the park" with the babies (we thought it was so crazy at the time) .... It's been fun and we love our little Sully so much.

And most recently, he shared our excitement as we he and the new school welcomed Mattie on her first day of school!

That's what friends are for ..... Old friends are the best kind of friends.

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