Friday, April 1, 2011

Our Friends Turn 2!

Well, I guess if our friends are turning 2, it means we will be doing the same soon!   Sully Lynn celebrated his big day on Tuesday night with a nice little casual dinner gathering at his house.  Sully, Devon, Eli, Noor, and Matine (and their caretakers) were there to celebrate.  Sully didn't even nap on his birthday day because he was SO excited about his favorite friends coming over!

The kids just made up their own fun and games and that included:  coloring on the easel, bouncing on the Gyffy, opening and closing themselves into the bedrooms over and over again, going "potty" together, and jumping on the bed!  Oh to be two years old again!

Parties are SO fun, especially when we demand to wear our party dress!

What is wrong with this picture.  Kids sit at the table and the moms hover around and stand? 

How many toddlers can you fit on a bed!  For some reason our little weirdo decided to bring the "Everyone Poops" book to the bedtime jumping fun.  Don't worry.  She didn't hit Sully with it like it appears in the picture.

Sully totally knew it was his birthday and it was HIS party!  He was wound up and so happy all night!

Emily, Sully and Hermes -  The Lynn FAMILY!

Kris helps Matine not kill herself with a rubber toy... He is used to monitoring his 2 year old, Noor.

Sweet Noor travels the world with her parents.  They are off to Morocco until June.  See you in a few months Friend!

Devon is going to be a BIG BROTHER in 4 short weeks.  We are excited to meet Debbie and Jim's next handsome boy!
We have some pretty terrific friends with some pretty amazing kids .... This is definitely a fun time for all of us!

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taylor said...

great pictures. what a fun party :)

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