Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Craziness has begun!

It was a BUSY weekend here for us.  It felt good to be so active with all our great friends and get out and about more after a long winter.  Friday was a get together with folks and soak at Chico, Saturday I had coffee and a nice good walk with some other pregnant girlfriends, and then Saturday night we had a great St Patricks Day dinner and fun fest at our friend Camy and Andy's in Bozeman.  After that we took a trip to Nana Jo's for Saturday and Sunday morning.   This momma is tired and Matine took a 4.5 hour nap after "school" today!

Before we could leave our house for Camy's house Matine made sure she had her own bag "which I want to carry like the mail lady" (over one shoulder and across the chest) with appropriate toys she thought the other kids would like to play with.   This included a My Little Pony, Bride Barbie, a plastic sheep, and a stuffed Giraffe, and a few extra barrettes (in her words, "in case I lose the ones in my hair").

After a 5 hour PARTY for adults and kids, Mattie was half delirious (it was 930 by now) but still clear headed enough to make sure that our next stop to Nana Jo's was well thought out.  On our way up there, Matine was going through the "pack list" in her head.  No kidding, this kid sat in her car seat and asked me if I remembered to pack her swimsuit, towel, toothbrush, pajamas and gloves.   I don't think I am going to be able to miss a single step with this kid.  I guess I don't really have to worry about introducing baby #2 and being overwhelmed... Mattie will clearly keep me in line!

Michelle made a nice bday cake for Andrew!  

Pat, Alexis, Michael (rocking the party in his undies), Camy and Levia 

Lucas and Matine with Peter 

Lucas is the cutest boy on the planet... He is SO funny (if you can't tell by just looking at this face)

Anna, Danica and Kennedy - Matine worshipped them! 
 Time is never wasted at Joellyn's.  By 8am she and Peter (and Matine of course) were hard at work fertilizing  her fields for spring ... Mattie supervised from the back of the 6th wheeler... With a big grig of course!

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Mel said...

I'm exhausted just reading this post. How does an about-to-have-a-baby woman do so much?

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