Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Out of the Mouths of Babes ...

Pointing at Asti our cat:  "Do you want to pet her mom, she's getting used to you!"

When I told Matine it was time for bed and to go pick out a book for bedtime:  "Mom, actually, I am going to sleep in your bed tonight."

Using the bathroom at a restaurant:  "Mom, I can go by myself, shut the door.  I need some space."

When asked to finish her yogurt:  "Sure, I already just did, see?"

How do you want to do your hair today?  "Well, I want a pony tail - just one!  Not two pig tails. Just one."

While laying down for naps today:  "Mom, will you sing me a song, something about closing my eyes and being sleepy.  And hold my hand."

While Grandpa Scott was here:  "Can grandpa take a nap with me? (imagine her eyes as big as saucers).  I promise I won't talk to him in bed!"  (we all know how realistic that entire scenario is)

We have been talking about the Easter Bunny and Easter a lot lately:  "Easter bunnies lay eggs, but they can't fly." and  "Do bunnies have mommies?  I like mommies!"

Proud of having no accidents at school:  "I didn't poop or pee in my tights, or pants, or skirt or shoes today!  Can I have a high-five?"

While I was getting dressed the other day:  "Mom, you look beautiful, can we match today?"

She made a grimace and put her hand on her belly and said very dramatically:  "Ouch, my baby sure is kicking me a lot."

We were cleaning and folding baby clothes for the baby:  "Awww... look at this one, it is so adorable!"  She oohed and aahhhed just like a girly girl at a baby shower. "I used to wear this when I was a baby, I can't believe it!"

She uses the expression, "when I was your age" and then goes into a story about something she did when she was "younger"  ALOT these days.

I asked her to eat more of something the other day and she very politely replies:  "No thanks, it's not my favorite."

She was being a really whiny pill the other day in the car and spouting out all sorts of demands and just acting very "un-Matine-like" and  I gave her the mom look and said she was going to be in real trouble when we got home if she didn't change her attitude and start talking to me like a lady.  She did a few protest looks and grunts and then looks at me with the biggest (not genuine) grin I have ever seen and says, "mom, I have great manners, I am not in trouble now."

"It's time to get up!  It's not late!"  (translated, "late" means dark in this context, so she is saying, the sun is up!)

On another note and to resurrect some Blast to the Past (BTTP) photos, here are a few my mom dug up of me at Mattie's age... If you could be around her, you would see even MORE of a resemblance... We seem to have the same "attitude" and mannerisms, if you will.

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T. said...

i love these posts of the latest matine quotes. just great! so cute!

i need to do a "blast from the past" post soon. it's been a looooong time.


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