Thursday, March 29, 2012

Oh yeah, we do other stuff

So, Peter is feeling left out because apparently all I do is talk about Matine on the blog ... can you blame me, really?  Check this face out!

But, in a effort to keep this online journal a bit more well rounded, I will update you on some other happenings in our lives (no real order):

1.  It's freaking windy here in L-town... Windy enough to drive you semi-crazy and keep you awake all night.  Generally in any given day you are looking at winds from 30-70 mph!  I am not kidding.  This means that we RUN outside when things are still, and then as soon as we get out there (which takes a good 20 minutes after chasing Matine to get shoes, jacket, and other appendages on) the wind picks up and we stand there scrubbing sand and twigs out of our eyes and hair.  It's awesome.  Yes Bozeman friends, the winds are that bad.

2.  It has been warm however, which means we haven't really been skiing for a few weeks and the mountain closes next week - I think it's time to change activities, as we do each spring.

3.  That activity, for Peter, has been FISHING again.  He is smiling and happier than I have seen him in a while.  He and an old friend, Eric Paramore have been sneaking away as often as possible for 30 minute to 5 hour fishing expeditions on the Yellowstone and Boulder Rivers.  I think Peter calls it "research" for work, but we all know what is going on here!

See his latest video here:  

4.  All our feather and fur kids are great.   3 chickens (Dora, Speckles and Black One) are still roaming the yard and pecking on the back door to come inside.  They seem well adjusted and there have been no massacres.   Oliver and Gaucho are great - Oliver still doesn't listen to ANYONE and now even Peter gets the middle finger when he tells Oliver to do something (glad it's not just me any longer).  Gaucho is still as darling as ever and can do no wrong.    The 2 cats have taken over the house (in true feline fashion).  They prowl around, constantly talking, not minding the dogs too much, and have taken to sleeping with us in bed.  Mattie can even approach (and almost hold) the cats now.  They let her pet them when they are really mellow in the evenings.  They have figured out that she likes to feed them and when she starts filling up their food bowls they RUN to her - very fast.   It's a bit like Dr. Doolittles Farm around here, but I have to admit, I love it and the chickens and cats have added a lot of life to our house (because it was lifeless before?)....

5.  I am exhausted but feeling good otherwise.   Working, Matine, 8 months pregnant, the animals, and general managing a household can take it out of any gal - but I am extremely grateful for an uneventful pregnancy and healthy babies!   3.5 weeks to go until we meet our newest member of the Howell Farm.

She asked for the hand towel to be wrapped around her like a big towel.

6.  My dad was just here for a week and mom and Jim get back on the 10th of April.   We are excited to see them again.  They have had a CRAZY time back in Oklahoma trying to get their house on the market and things sold, packed up and settled.  Apparently as soon as they arrived EVERYTHING broke or busted in their house and they spent the month in a pile of bulldozers, jackhammers and paint as they tried to reconstruct their home that has been sitting locked up for an entire year.  Alas, things are looking up and they still plan on getting it on the market this month and heading back up here to enjoy Montana, their million hobbies and part time jobs, and of course, their grand babies!   Joellyn will be here this weekend to watch Matine while Peter and I go out on the town for our friend Jacqueline's 30th Birthday!

7.  Amy and Eric are doing well in Dillon - Amy has been promoted to "merchandiser" for the Patagonia Outlet and still LOVES her job and friends.  Eric is still teaching and training horses at La Cense Ranch.  He is currently laid up with some back problems (poor guy) but Dr's say there is nothing really wrong, he probably just needs to take it easy for a bit.   They have done some traveling int eh last few months.  First a trip to Las Vegas for the National Finals Rodeo and 2 weeks ago went to Arizona for a horse buying trip with the Ranch.   During these trips, faithful Nana Jo kept the kids and of course, we love it because it means we get to see them too!   Jhett turns 2 years old this weekend (wow how time flies)!

8.  We are going to Dillon for Easter.  Should be fun to see the kids search and destroy for Easter Eggs.   Matine is on Easter Bunny Watch again this year - pretty hilarious.  She knows they are in the yard and keeps checking the bushes for them.  She likes going on walks at night to check everyone else's yards too.

9.  I have been trying to spend as much time with girlfriends as possible before I am back in the newborn haze (diapers, breastfeeding and nap schedules).  As always, my girls are always great comic relief and stress relievers!   They are planning a shower/blessing for the baby mid-April and are making me promise to not have the baby till then.  I am doing my best to suck it in!

10.  The Turnkey Property Management business is going well - rental reservations are coming in nearly every few days (and at least an inquiry a day).   Mom and I have been working hard on my rental house in Livingston to get it ready for Vacation Rental folks by May.  It will be great to see the house used "lightly" again and have a chance to generate some income on it at the same time.  I am doing my continuing ed classes on April 13 and 14 in Billings.  My OB Doc assured me that this was a guaranteed way to go into labor a week early - by scheduling to be out of town!  We will see .... Our friends, guide friends and colleagues are doing a great job sending me business. I am super hopeful that this business is the way to go - good money with flexibility, that allows me to interact with cool people and also be home most of the time with Mattie and #2; oh, and once it starts making more $$ traveling to see my friends in other exotic locations!

You too can stay here .... Just send me a message!  

Well, as usual I am being summoned (bossed) by Matine to "just rest momma, let's go rest our bodies, the teacher says no talking, rest your mouth and body!"  I guess that means its nap time and I should go.   Dr's orders!


Mel said...

Oh, are we supposed to post about things other than children on our blogs? Thanks for the catch-up. Even though I live less than a mile from you, I feel like it has been awhile since we've caught up.

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