Thursday, February 16, 2012

Daddy -Grandaddy Ski Day

Mattie is one lucky gal.  She had THREE doting dads to take her down the slopes this week.  With Grandpa Scott in town, Jim Pa, and dDad having most of the week off of work, she got an entire day at Bridger Bowl - and let me tell you, she milked it for all it was worth.

The child hardly stopped to eat or rest, she just wanted to SKI SKI SKI! At one point, she had all three of them holding out their arms, skiing backwards, giggling and laughing with her as she glided across the snow, fell down (on purpose), and demanded hand-holding and backwards skiing.

It was two thumbs up (or one big one with mittens) before skiing with dad. 

Our future little tele-skiier in the making.
She politely asked for her "grandpas" to ski with her some runs.  So, how many granddads do you think it takes to get a 2.5 year old on a lift?

Skiing between the two old guys ... loving every minute! 

They all LOVED it. I am pretty sure the grown ups had more fun than she did and I am not sure that is possible.

My big belly watched from the lodge and came out after most runs to snap some pics and give my un-needed encouragement.  I love living 20 minutes from a ski hill!

This weekend we are taking a road trip back to Showdown (where we went last year with the Harrison's) for a day of skiing and some soaking at the White Sulphur Springs Motel / Pool!  The Roger's family will be with us this year, so I am certain Matine will love having a sleepover with Logan, William and Sophia!

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